I have been asked “how is it that you are always smiling?” Truth is: “I am not always smiling”. It might just be coincidental that I am smiling at the time. To be honest, sometimes I get depressed when I feel stagnant and nothing seems to go my way, when goals I have set to achieve appear to be have reached an impasse. Some of us get to this point in our lives. The worst thing that can happen to you is not to get out of it. Like my friend always say, “happiness is a choice”. This year so far has been the most challenging of all my years and that is mostly because I set “unpragmatic” goals for myself to achieve. If my depression profile was to be plotted on a graph, it would be an exponential curve from zero point of origin. However, in all of that I learnt an important lesson: “Always find your happy place”. Some of my tips for finding my happy place are:

  1. Write: I decided to have a journal to record anytime I am sad. The journal is split into columns: why am I sad; what do I wish for; what are the limitations; how do I overcome these limitations (however unrealistic it may seem).
  2. Make videos/ Have a chat: given that I am introverted, I hate to share my issues with anyone who is not me. To this effect, I make a video of me talking to myself and also responding (I know that sounds crazy). For some reason, if feels good to replay the conversation and sometimes I have a laugh at myself for some silly comments I may have made. You can talk to someone if you can.
  3. Try a new routine: I try to practicalize DIY videos I watch, to make myself useful. For instance: how to make a jewellery holder from cardboards; how to decorate a home...
    Sometimes I give my self a treat (if it's affordable).
    Proverbs 16: 27- An idle hand is the devil's workshop

4. I praise: I praise God for who he is. I sometimes find it hard to pray in sadness so I sing praises. When praises go up, your joy is renewed and blessings come down. Psalms 103:2,4; Psalms 16:1.

5. Watch, listen and learn from those who inspire me: Phil 4:8: place your mind on things that are lovely and admirable (In my words: embrace them and tap into grace; don’t get jealous coz it’s sheer waste of energy).

6. Revisit the sad root cause and deal with it.
Remember: Everything you do flow from your mind (provbs 4:23). So don’t you dare give the devil a foothold but be made new in the attitude of your mind ( Eph. 4: 23, 27).


Disclaimer: this is my personal routine and may differ from yours.