Beyond These Walls

So today, am sitting at my desk with a lot running through my mind on things to do and how to do them, with fears of failure and questions of "what ifs" lurking in my heart ..making me palpitate like I just ran for the unknown,fuelled by adrenaline.

For some reason I start to scroll through images and google biographies of people who inspire me to get the motivation to go beyond these walls.

I found my passion! “How do I bring this to light?” I ask myself.
I put down my thoughts in my little memo on my phone however inept. Doing this doesn’t give me the answers but aids to disentangle and make plain entwined thoughts in my head.. Over my years on earth I have learnt some what you love, love what you do, aspire to achieve more, take risks, be optimistic and be persevering. Though these may sound cliché, I have found them to be the generic formula applied for success although sometimes proves onerous.

I may not be there yet but I know where I am headed. Revisiting that statement, it’s not just about me. It’s about you. Yes you! When are you going to start? What are you waiting for? Is it funds? Is it fear? Is it pride? Is it low self esteem?..**there’s a thin line between humility and low self esteem: story for another day**…What efforts have you made? Stop! Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Look around you, think and look again..what do you see?

Well I just did same and I will tell you what I see: opportunities waiting to be laid claim. 
Presumably you’ve far beyond these walls are you willing to look? Don’t let that fire die..Look!

It may not be the big picture yet but a painter starts with a drop of paint while the audience anticipate the outcome. Where is the audience you ask? Well, you breathe air don't you? There you have audience (kidding**). The platforms have been created and made available. Use it.

There maybe no applause now, but you know how it ends... You my friend is the painter. Look beyond these walls and paint your story. Remember: the creation waits in eager expectation for you to reveal the picture..**Romans 8:19***