The Testimony Book

Sometimes we feel stagnant 
Sometimes we feel lost
Sometimes we feel stuck 
Looking for a way out
Sometimes we forget

This makes us sad 
We think to ourselves
What is the point of all this
We look around us
And sometimes feel all alone in this
No one to share the burdens with 
No one to relate to our stories

We feel we are lagging
Just like current lags voltage
In an inductive circuit (🤔)
At this point depression sets in
Sometimes we don't even realise it
We get angry at everything and everyone
We struggle to keep a smile (at least for the gram)

But there is a stone and there is a wall
There is a pen and a paper
There is a toe, a finger and there is sand
There is coal and there is a surface
There is our phone with a memo
There is a pad with a screen
I bet you can even write with your voice
Look around you,
At least there is something to write with

Write it down 
Set your milestones
Set your methodologies
Present your case to God
Work your way through
Give it time, enjoy the process
For there is a story to it
Distract yourself sometimes
Don't pressure the retina

When you may have forgotten it all
Go back to it
Go back to the stories
And you will be flipping pages
Reminding yourself 
You might even be laughing at the fears 
Fears you once had

There you have your testimony
Motivation is awakened once again
Once again you want to do more
A thankful heart is born
That you once prayed for, you now have.

I call this: My Book of Testimony

Do you have your book of testimony?
What are you thankful for?
Habakkuk 2:2