The Testimony Book II

Sometimes you feel excited
Sometimes you can't tell why
There is joy
Joy overflowing in your heart,
That you lack control of your smile
You sometimes feel embarrassed
That you can't "behave" with this feeling
Crawling all on the inside
And at this point you decide not to have a care in the world

Every stroke of joke gets you all up,
Laughing hysterically like a child on overdose of sugar
It gets irritable to some people at some point
People who don’t know the story People who don’t understand the testimony
But decide to judge your happy demeanour 
To be based on a negative

Write it down 
Write it all down

Even though it feels too good to be true
You have your testimony 
You are your testimony 
You never know who is watching
You never know who is reading 
You never know who gets infected
By that smile, by that laughter.
However inappropriate it may sound 
Because indeed laughter is contagious.
It’s like a healthy disease (don’t ask me what that means)

Call it (if you wish): Your book of testimony.
It could cheer you during the downside of things, it could motivate another: Rev. 12: 10-11.

Nothing beats a grateful heart. In all things give thanks:
1 Thessalonians 5: 18.

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