Nov 28 · 1 min read


When the bad thoughts come

the why, the how, the what;

am I doing?

is there a reason I carry on

when there is so little to hang on too

I usually hear a voice at the back of my head

faint enough to be brushed aside

but incessant enough to pay attention to

asking me to “ignore”

I see this as a way my mind

desperately tries to keep me together

I’m not sure why

but lately, I’ve been listening to it

faking my happiness one day at a time

“ignoring” the situations that could break me

paying attention to the ones that make me

I can feel them growing

slowly but surely it grows

I fear that one day

when the voice stops

and I wouldn’t be able to ignore anymore

I would not have. the strength

to fight the demons that come for me.


Written by


sad boi writer (^_^)