How I Raised $5000 From Ingiegogo, (A Crowned Funding Platform,) To Sponsor A Program, Even When My Deadline Elapsed

It’s kind of surprises me how this world works, indeed is a world of what you request for you get, what you want you are given, is so awesome to have understood that. Not only that, is also a world that has a pattern it works with, but why so many of us are suffering in this world today is because we don’t want to go with the worlds pattern, we want to go with our own when this world and being into it is not by our making and that is why we suffer, if any of us can try to learn and understands the language of this world and follows through, then things will be better for us. Now I want to use this language thing to explain how I achieved my goals, enjoy!

It started the day I went into a program and after that program, the program organizers shared a story of what they are planning to do and the kind of person they want to pull in to facilitate that plan and what they have plan out to use it to achieve to people’s lives, and then, I got interested, I was like wow, this is good, but yet there is a problem, if they have to pull that kind of man to that next meeting to help such thousands of people, then some good amount of money has to be involve, so I became compassionate with them and said to myself, let me see what I can do to help them in my own way, and after saying that and got home, I opened my email box and a later from Indiegogo, (a fund raising site) that I have stop using for years was there, I open it and they were telling me that I have left my account for so long, I was like what, for how long, but haven worked with experiences and know how things works, I know what pulled it, I know it was pulled by that desire to help those people, so I quickly rushed it and constructed an appealing form, appealing to people to help me sponsor such program, where Destinies will be helped and be released, and behold they listened and complied with the money, then I thanked God.

Now see what I want to bring out from there: I was in a meeting where such people desired such thing and made it know others, it got my attention, I decided to help them, and the way came, I followed the way, and the way I followed contacted men and women that could help and they did. Now what was my effort there, nothing, I just followed instructions, that’s all. They desire it and made it known, and what they desired and made known contacted me that could help them, I agreed and the agreement pulled out a source that I have which can be used, I understood that and followed through, then the world finished the rest, that is a mystery. And that is what some of you are living behind, you have being wishing for something without making it a desire and making it know to people or resources that can help you and that is why such thing is laying there unfinished.Don’t you know that what you desire can work itself to the finish?” All you need to do is to make it known to the public or the world so that it can attract the recourses to be used and then you will follow through ones it appears, that is how it works, make it know and follow the resources or the in cases it will pull out after making it know, which may also include anywhere in the Gospel, then follow through, and this is how you can make it known:

It could be telling a friend of yours what you have in mind or your social group friends.

It could be you just writing it down and they will pull the Ideas for you.

It could be calling it an achievable name and that name will control the right pattern for you.

It could be just reading a book.

It could also be starting the business, publishing that article or applying for that job, sure. “The making it know is simply you going beyond desire to taking a step and then they will start speaking out the next steps for you until is done,” but what you need to be doing is to always be willing to deviate or follow any road they opens, and failure to do that will make you suffer, sure. So be willing to obey ones you opens your first step, ok. And how they could be relating their own steps to you after your first step is to watch for sharp ideas or encounters or reminders that may be coming after your own steps, sure, and follow through, and keep following that until you get your results, sure.

I remembered when I was asking God to make some explanations about something, and haven know how he answers, I desired what I wanted an answer for, I wrote what thought of that should be the answer and called it the answer, knowing that is not the answer from God, but I just did that to pull him to answer, that is one of his ways, so I believed what I wrote and wanted to carry it out, then while watching football one day, something happened and grabbed my attention and immediate, he reminded me what I wrote, that such encounter that took place happened because of me and that was my answer, wow! I couldn’t stop nodding my head. He is a mystery man and the world he made and things in it works mysteriously like him, understand that and go for mysteries, sure. So what I did was to desire and acted on the first step and then followed the next as he brings, sure. My own is to show them the way, while I follows after showing them, or while I follows after permitting them to work, is a world of mystery, get that and begin to study mysteries and you will live to smile all day. That is how I raised that money.

Those guys raised the idea and took the first step, which is making it know, I saw reasons to help them, which means me concurring with their ideas and making my own first step which is AGREING TO HELP, and I followed the other voice the world brought which is Idiegogos later and me moving there and appealing for people to help and the money came, all I did was just to obey the next step they brought after permitting them, that’s all. Get that, for that is what is killing some of you, you will permit but you will not be flexible, that is you problem, some of you has so much reasons that even if the next available way to go is through the gospel, you won’t. Just because you have so much unhealthy reasons not to do that, and because of that, you won’t go and yet you will be complaining that nothing is working. No something is working, is you that are dormant or too blocked to accept help, help yourself my friend, I will be stopping here, if you like stay there, if like don’t, none of my business! Just be flexible!

The way I raised it was that I obeyed the worlds instruction after making that agreement to help them, which came under my wiliness to diversify or move to anywhere they might bring, which may also include the gospel and they brought one which was indiegogo and I dived in without argument, if I die there I die, if I raise it I raise and if I don’t so be it, another way will come, so I always believes and my flexibility landed me the luck, who knows what you may be losing, who knows, hmm! Just be flexible please!

Algba Chisom

The author of How to get away with a murderer: