The List Of How To Get Away With A Murderer

Firstly, let’s deal with the understanding process before we proceed, ok.

Now I want you to understand that you can control these killers, sure, but you need to understand these first:

Do you know why you work?

Do you know why you marry?

Do you know why you go to school or went to school?

Do you also know why you brush your teeth in the morning?

I believe you said yes to those questions, good, but there is an insider in those questions you said yes to that makes you do them, if not, I don’t think you might have done them, but those insiders made them a necessity for you to do them and there by controlling you to act. Now here is what I mean by those insiders:

You brush your teeth because there is an insider call mouth ordure each morning that makes you do that, so you don’t have a choice, the forces you to do that, the controls you. (This same controlling force can be used with murderers, I will show how.)

You go or went to school because you need to know how to write and read, not by your choice but by necessity, so that controls you also.

You marry because you have organs that will never rest until you satisfies them, not by choice, but by necessity, so it controls you to marry, sure.

So you see, most of the things we do we don’t really do them by choice rather is by necessity, and those necessities controls us, we don’t always controls ourselves, no, necessity does, and there is something as such you can place that can control those murderers, sure. I will show them to you shortly. The truth is, the only reason why that rich man or woman won’t stop working in order to remain rich is because he or she knows the pains of poverty, so you see, necessities controls us, sure. And in that same way, there are buttons you can be pressing or strategies or spiritual principles you can be applying to control those murderers, is possible, I will soon show you that. If a child wants to control a chocolate money out of your pocket whether you want it or not, all that child needs to do is to cry and is done, Simple. Ones that child cries and you sees that the why of the tears is because of chocolate, then I wonder what will stop you from given it to him or her. Unless you trained that child in a way that he or she should not do that. I shared such strategy in one of my books called “How to save a life.”

So controlling those hoodlums are possible, is in form of your stomach or hunger control you to a restaurant or a fast food joint to go and eat.

Is like a new born baby controlling the mom to be at home for some times after given birth, just because of the babies necessity at that time.

Is like sweating controlling you to put on the air condition

Is like putting food on the table controlling you to go and work

Is like the distance of your journey controlling you to buy a plane ticket or a bus ticket to your journey. Is not because you want to, no, is necessary. That is it, because there are no other options, sure.

So controlling these guys are 100% possible, understand that, and when you do you will gain what I will be sharing below. Is possible!

I said is like sending a rainfall and suddenly human beings begins to look for safety. Is like that also, but on this one, you have to speak to their spirits spiritually from a far, yes, and the will be controlled. Because human beings are simply a vessel that is being pushed or control by unseen force called the “spirit,” and ones it departs from anybody, that person dies, that empty vessel drops, and because of that, they have a language, a method or a principle that if you speak it well, will control whomever you want it to control, and there are so many ways of speaking this language, sure. I will show all that.

That is why sowing and reaping works, because is one of their languages. Sure!

We are vessels that are under control by spirits, and if so then speaking the spiritual language to control a murderer wherever he or she is, will work. But the problem is, some of us don’t know how to speak these languages, and that is why we are here, sure. I will teach you. But let me give you a clue of how the languages work: do you know why you are reading this now? You may say yes is because you need it, but I want to tell you that such is not true, is because you ironically spook one of their languages which was “desiring to be free from murderers” and the spirit hooked up with me to write this because I have the solution and now am true, and presenting it to you. You may not understand it, but that is how it is, is a mystery. Controlling this people out of your way is highly possible, get that my friend. For if you can control me from where you are via you desire to write this, then you can control them, is that simple. Do you understand that? Yes Sir, good! Keep coming!

You can really control these people, believe that and you will understand and be able to do the how I will be showing below, ok. I just want you to believe first and you will be able to do what I am sharing. So do you believe? You answer that, You can control them. Next is the list of how’s, follow me!

1. Using the process of buying and collecting what you bought: It sounds funny right, hmm, but don’t worry, I will explain. Now you know that whenever you enter into a market or a shop and pays for goods, in return, they will give you that goods right? Good! Now you can use that understanding and control them, how?

Firstly, you need to know that without you paying for that goods, it won’t have being given to you, so for them to give it to you, something must be released from you first which was your money. Now that should tell you that for you to control them from any where you are, you must release something for the spirit to use, you need to give something, you need to pay the spirit like you did before your sellers supplied that goods to you, you need to sow it first. You need to sow or tithe at list 10% of you income every month for such purpose and I tell you, you will never to meet them, and if you have being doing such, then know need to panic, is just that you don’t know that such seeds contains your protection and because of that lack of awareness, you have not really told the spirit to use that for such purpose, and that is why they are threatening you. Listen, whenever you sow or gives, make sure you also gives the spirit instructions on what the given is for because you don’t go to the market and buys everything, no, rather you always goes for something specific, so when you give be specific on what you want them to do with the money for you, which should include to save you from the hands of murderers. That is how it works, they need you to tell them what you are paying for, so that they can supply or protect you in that direction, simple. So do that each month for such purposes and you will be saved. And maybe you are wondering how to be doing that, relax, look at this example:

Let’s say you made $2000 this month, then divide it by 10 and you will get $200 which is 10% of that income, now take it to a spiritual language speaking center, which is a church, or NGO that helps humanity, or any orphanage center, or any people you know that need something in your area and sow such seed to them, but before you do that, tell the spirit which happens to be “God” the controller of all human beings to take that payment and supplies you with protections from the hands of those murderers at anytime and I tell you, he will. You can also add other intentions, sure. Now a man did this and arm robbers came around where he was living and started robbing, and immediately he heard that, he quickly rushed in and reminded God about the paying of such goods he made, that now is the time to deliver such goods, that he should control those people out of his vicinity and the robbers robbed around that area but never came to his house. That is what I am talking about, it works. I hope you understood something on that? Good! Now try something like that and you will never be there victim. Be a seed sower or a tither and you will be saved.

Next are the remaining seven, you need them, is not only sowing or tithing that can do it, no. There are other better ways apart from that, they are here: (You really need them, your choice!)