What She Did To Save Him And How To Use It To Save Others

She read a book where a man had an accident and was taking to the hospital and the doctors told him how bad it would be for him to survive, the man got more worried and when the wife came, he told her the hole story and the woman knowing the power of words, turned to him and said, “honey, don’t mind them, what is happening to you is a movie, it will soon end and the man said immediately she said that, something went off him and he started seeing the movie ending and it did ended.” Wow! Now you see, it not that situation that is the problem, is not what people and professionals said about it that is the problem, though is important, but is what you said about it, the meaning you gave it that matters, that is what heaven will work with, either positive or negative, “is a permitable world.” So what is your meaning? What have you called that situation, look for words that have positive meanings and store it in your system and it will always be helping you. What have you called it? That is what heaven will work with.

So immediately that lady went to that hospital and saw him and heard what he complained, she now remembered what she had learned and she looked at him and said, “honey, don’t mind then, this thing is a movie, it will soon end and I tell you it ended.” Wow!

Listen, I don’t know how you want to save people, but hear me, the easiest way to do that is to tell them they can live, the can survive it, for at that time that is what they are looking for, they are looking for a fuel that can help them on their generators of faith and let heaven takes over, for faith is heavens access code to humanity, that is one of the things they needs to help us, so give them words of faith. Tell them that such movie will be over and you will bring back a soul to live, they need positive words not negative ones.

And for doctors, I think you guys are doing a good job but you will save a lot more lives if you change the names of all the scaring sicknesses that you guys have to something little bit heart taking, honestly, the name you people calls sicknesses alone, kills the patient before the treatment, I tell you, please let’s find a better meaningful names and tells the patient when the comets while we know what it really means, so that they can take treatment and still live. Tell them the meaning that can give them the faith that will allow the treatment work while we know the real meaning, is not bad, rather is a strategy to keep them alive, please! Words a very sharp, let’s check it.

Now you know that is a word that saved that man, not the medicine, though it did his work, the young man has given up already, but out of frustration he opened up to her and luckily to him another meaning where introduced into his system and everything changed. Is possible! So to save life’s or anything, simply change the bad meaning that people or event has given to them that is making you or them to go down and when you do, encounters will begin to happen. It depends on the meaning you gave them, so give them or yourself a moving one, not a stopping one, that is what I do always. Is all about meanings!


She came to me and told me that she always carries something in mind and is disturbing her, I looked at her and said is nothing, is simply a rough paper that needs to be tore, she smiled, and I told her to write it down and tear it and when she does is gone, she will never see it again in your heart, she did it and never stopped shouting, hmmm! What did that job was that I told her is “a rough paper that needs to be tore nothing else,” so you can see that all you need to do is to change the meaning and powers will come, light will show up, meanings are hopes for you and anybody, I hope you understand the effect it carries, is astonishing!

Secondly, I went to a hospital and looked at a man that has not really being coming out, though he was getting healed gradually, I talk to the him and said, “sir, if you really want to live here then you have to start action as if you where healthy, I gave him instance, and while I was still moving to other people, he stood up and went outside to take fresh air, behaving as if he was ok, I saw him while living and I was very happy. “Just act as if you where ok and you will attract the forces of healing were the meaning I gave him and he acted.” You too can do it, is your choice!

Thirdly, I have being struggling with the understand of saving money until I came across a book called the Richest Man In Babylon, who told me that saving money doesn’t really means saving money, rather is paying yourself, am immediately, my spirit understood that and I began paying myself not saving, wow! I love that paying myself thing and I never stop. My friend, what you are looking for is a meaning that will move you to act or gives you the faith act, that’s all, so keep changing the meaning of things to you favor and that of others, it will help you, but not to something that you know is evil and is a sin, never, I didn’t said that, you understood what I meant, good! So start saving life’s now, start acting, you can start from your social media platforms right away. Give them pushing meanings, Keep reading!

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