Desserts from the proud kitchens of Western India

The Western States of India, although only a few, seem to hold the nation’s sweethearts, youth, the dream life and a whole lot of history in their midst. From the film stars to the students pouring in from every part of the country, heck even the world, come to our states and make it culturally rich and so varied.

Mumbai seems to have its own universe full of culture, life, food, oh the food! Whereas Surat holds our conventional tastes, colourfulsaris and the cuisine! Their cuisine is rich, magnanimous, and mouth-watering!

Goa, our most pampered, lovingly-spoiled and the coolest state, has had an eternity of fusion of cultures, tourists and cuisines.

And what do these three states have in common apart from their location? Their desserts!

Yes, we don’t mind admitting we are a little partial to this one. Why wouldn’t we be? We hail from one of these states.

Chitale Bandhu is proud to present their favourite picks of the desserts from the kitchens of western India.

Sit back and let your sweet tooth drool…

Sutarfeni — Gujarat

This is a team favourite! We told you, we would be a little partial today. Sutarfeni is a sweet delicate bunch of threads of rice flour and sugar scattered with finely chopped nuts rolled into cotton candy-like roll.

You could break the bunch with just a touch of your finger, so delicate they are.

When you pick a bit-size of it, in between your two fingers, you can feel the soft texture of the threads mingled with the smallest particles of crystallised sugar.

Just as when you put the bunch of the sugar threads in your mouth, right from that moment till the next one in which it slowly, ever so slowly, only after a bite or two dissolves, leaving the taste in your mouth, one that of; pure sweetness and happiness with a want for more!

Sutarfeni comes in flavours of saffron and can be scented with rose water too.

Serradura — Goa

Goa is popular for a lot of things, but have you ever taken the time to truly try its sweet delicacies? We think, not!

Or you wouldn’t have been surprised by our pick; Serradura!

Serradura is a Portuguese dessert and it literally means ‘Sawdust’. You can see below why the name is so apt for such a simple yet complex mélange of flavours.

The sawdust is nothing but the crushed biscuits layered in with a sweet and light vanilla cream. The sawdust provides the much-needed bite and a soft crunch and the fluffy light cream elevates your palate in a cloudy dream of satisfaction.

Amrakhand — Maharashtra

What could be better than having mangoes all year round? Since that’s a very utopian dream, we will settle for not less but something equally amazing; Amrakhand!

A smooth, almost regal mango flavoured yoghurt, with a hint of cardamom and saffron. It is best served cold and it can be eaten with puri, roti, or just by itself. The yoghurt melts in your mouth,salivating it, the entire time giving you a burst of mango and a memory of childhood summers.

Mohanthaal — Gujarat

Mohanthaal is one of the most popular desserts in Gujarat. Actually, it is popular in other parts of the country too. It is a delectable barfi made out of besan, dry fruits and cardamom. This dense sweet fudge is made in all the Gujarati households especially during festivals and happy occasions.

A smooth texture and a melt-in-the-mouth treat, mohanthal is a treat with a royal look!

Try one and you will be pining for more!

Bebinca — Goa

Last but definitely in no way the least, is our favourite (est), Bebinca! What an exotic, luscious name for an equally deserving treat!

We love bebinca because it is true and unique to its origin; a fusion of Goan and Portuguese flavours. It is a cake, it is a pudding, it is a warm dessert that can be eaten when cold too. You will never be able to find a dessert similar to this beauty anywhere in India.

Traditionally made in seven distinct delicate layers, Bebinca is made up of coconut milk, sugar, flour and a hint of the fragrant, powerful nutmeg. Only a hint suffices to elevate Bebinca to the status of the ‘Queen of Goan desserts’!

Not only is she exquisite, she is created with a lot of effort and dedication. Each layer is prepared separately and with great care. You only need to a small taste to agree she is worth the effort!

We love Bebinca!

So this was our mouth-watering list of treats. We hope you have been enamoured by our favourites and that you try these out, as soon as possible. Being a part of one of the glorious western states, we can say with pride and a little bit of smugness too, that we, the Chitale Bandhu team, have contributed to the sweet legacy of these states.

From sutarfeni to barfis, we have carried the torch high and burning!

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is a pioneer in the field of sweets, snacks and other confectioneries.

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