Nascency !

A Beginning

All we need a fresh start to end our past self, to forget our mistakes, yesterday’s error, past faults. It is not about confessing, confession makes us regret about the past, it would make us stay in the past. Making new self is not an easy errand, altering yourself without changing what you are. How can we do it? Altering our self “without” changing our self, it is a confusing statement. Right?

Life gives us more, we can’t take every offer, we need a strong will to choose what we need and what we going to do with the choices. The choices make us dwell between the easy way and right way. Easy way is the smartest way to do things, but the right way is the hard way.

Which way you choose ?

At first our questions all about how to alter our self, the other pop question is about how to choose the path. The solution is very simple than the questions,

we need someone warmer, to make us comfortable in the worst situation. We need a person to make us believe that we are perfectly normal, a person who can make us clear in the bad times, a person who understands us and share our thoughts to help us find our way. A person who can spot the place to tie knots. A person who can evaluate the past and hold the present.

In simple term of explaining that someone is “Friend”.

I love to share the pop up words in a little brain, this is the place where I am going to share, stay in touch to know about me, “A New Me!”.

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.

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