me, Mapillary and map

Mapillary is a service for crowd-sourcing street view photos. Anyone can collect photos with simple tools like smartphones or action cameras. The photos are then combined into a street level photo view. At first , I am using Google street view application for taking 360 photo. Later, what I thought Mapillary ( based on open source map aka OpenStreetMap ) was better for everyone .

how to use Mapillary application on your mobile ?

I will refer to github guide . You can learn a lot from there. When I am taking with LG360 camera, I took photos and upload from my laptop browser.

How to use LG 360 camera ?

1st Download LG 360 CAM Manager application from playstore.

Following is quick guide for LG 360 camera guide.

LG 360 CAM captures high quality photos and videos with dynamic 5.1ch sound, up to 360°.
LG 360 CAM seamlessly captures the world around you with one click.
You can view and share the images & videos you shoot on a computer or smartphone.
You can use the smartphone app to shoot, view and share 360° / 180° photos and videos from your smartphone.
* LG 360 CAM (sold separately) is required.

- LG 360 CAM and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection
Simply install the LG 360 CAM Manager for Android on your smartphone and connect to your LG 360 CAM.
For initial connection, LG 360 CAM connects automatically without Wi-Fi password.
When you want to connect LG 360 CAM with another smartphone, disconnect the current smartphone first, then a Wi-Fi password will be requested.
LG 360 CAM’s initial password is “00+last 6 digits of serial numbers”
You can change Wi-Fi password using settings menu in the LG 360 CAM Manager app.

- Camera : Remote Shooting
You can use the LG 360 CAM Manager for Android as a remote control to shoot photos on your LG 360 CAM.
You can check real-time preview while shooting or capturing.
You can also change camera options — resolution, sound channel, shoot mode, manual mode, timer, spherical/half spherical mode, FoV (Field of View) change — to preferred shooting and capture by the app.
360° / 180° photos and videos capture are possible.

- Gallery : Viewing
You can use LG 360 CAM Manager for Android to view the images and videos you shoot.
You can browse the external SD card of LG 360 CAM to view photos and videos of your choice. Spin around, enlarge, or shrink… Experience the playful and unique fun of seeing the entire space around you in a spherical image or video.

  • Sharing on Social Networking Services
    You can share the 360° (spherical) photo on Google Photo and Google StreetView. You can share the 360° (spherical) video on YouTube and Facebook. Other social networking services show 360° (spherical) photo and video in equirectangular format. Show the world a whole new way of capturing everything at the moment when the image was taken by 360° (spherical) photo and video, providing a being there experience.
    You can enjoy 360° (spherical) photos and videos in a very immersive way using LG G5 and LG 360 VR (sold separately), 3D interactive sound will enhance the presence of your experience.
  • source from
  • Mapillary, LG 360 camera app and web.
  • Following is my some projects
  • Shwedagone Pagoda in Mapillary
  • KoeHtatGyi Pagoda in Mapillary
  • NgaHtatGyi Pagoda in Mapillary
  • ChaukHtatGyi Budddha Temple in Mapillary
  • Special thank to Ko Ko Ye who support me LG360 camera everytime.
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