Story poles of Seattle

Another fun Saturday evening run, a long and scenic run in the familiar Discovery park, among tall trees, beaches, trails and varying inclines. We slowly walked back to where the run started, the bus stop.

A good 15 minutes of wait for the next bus meant some time to look around, to notice things that were left unnoticed in the earlier trips. Every bus stop in Seattle displays the bus number, end destination and the schedule of the bus. While we were checking for the arrival time of the next bus on the steel pole, we noticed a metal plate glistening below the printed schedule of the bus. On looking more closely, we realized that it was something we had never observed before. On the metal plate was inscribed the story about about the origin of Magnolia along with the map of the place. This story pole that we saw is one of the three story poles of Magnolia. Reading the story pole we found out how Magnolia got it’s name. Can you believe, that is the result of a misidentification, Magnolia instead of Madrona, the tree.

Story pole III in Magnolia.

Looking forward to visiting the next poles and telling their story another day.