Chitrak Shah — The Real Estate King of Gujarat

Real estate sector has been among the most volatile sectors in India because the demand has shown cyclic ups and downs in the last few decades, despite the growth of population and rapid urbanization here. Only those developers have survived the tough phases that have been resonant enough towards the customers through their dynamic catering. Shivalik Group of Gujarat is one such name that has emerged as a definition of Indian real estate sector. Led by energetic and passionate Mr. Chitrak Shah, the group has registered tremendous growth in last two decades! He strategically steered his company through his refined decision-making abilities and turned the challenges into opportunities for growth. Therefore, people wonder about his success and try deriving inspiration from his profile as a leading developer of not only Gujarat but entire India.

The journey of Chitrak Shah —

Chitrak’s father used to dabble in the stock markets but he was shocked by the volatility in the indices during the 1990s. He decided to move away to some more fruitful direction and found his resonance with the real estate sector that was still in the nascent phase way back in 1996 when he set up his first venture under the banner of S N Developers. This was also the time when a young Chitrak found his first assignment as he was inducted as a trainee in his father’s real estate venture. As a trainee, he learned the intricacies of the sector for no less than five years during which he worked in different capacities and grasped the correlations and nuances. This was the time, when he developed a core and fundamental understanding about the working of real estate and thus was also successful in identifying the dimensions relevant to success. Apart from learning the basic equations of the sector, he simultaneously also developed passion for value addition and his choice for this was better architectural designs that later became the hallmark of Shivalik Group of Gujarat!

Expansion of Shivalik Group under Chitrak Shah

Shivalik Arcade was the first commercial project that was offered from the house of Shivalik Group under the leadership of Mr. Chitrak Shah. The project saw exemplary response in the market and the scheme got booked swiftly. Inspired by the success, he felt energized to expand and sought to increase footprint in two other cities of Gujarat — Surat and Rajkot. His strategic acumens and the ability to take calculated risks allowed him to move forward briskly on the path of success. In the last few years, Chitrak also entered the hospitality sector when he set up the chain of hotels under the banner of Platinum. Restaurant business also caught his fancy and he established Qwiches — the chain of 9 outlets in different parts of Gujarat. He is planning to replicate the success story in other cities of India through vibrant projects in the housing and commercial sectors.

Recognition and awards for Mr. Chitrak Shah

Success at such grand scale led to his acceptance and recognition in the real estate industry and he also acquired various positions of eminence and guidance. He is member of FICCI and GCCI. He is also member of Ahmadabad Angel Network and Co-Founder at EO-GUJARAT. He has been also conferred the Business Knight Award!

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