Chitrak Shah — The Real Estate Tycoon of India Par Excellence!

Chitrak Shah is a name to be reckoned with in the field of real estate. He is known for his exemplary success through the projects of high resonance and therefore has found enough of recognition in the business world. At an early age, he was accepted as a role model of the realty sector in India and other developers try to emulate his approaches and techniques. Chitrak Shah has been instrumental in the Indian real estate for more than 15 years and during this period he has always imbibed the new concepts that led to the demand boom for his projects. Today, a sizeable proportion of his customers are repeat buyers who are pretty impressed by the attributes of functionality, design and cost of course. He continues to move forward with more aggressive plans to serve the ultimate projects of relevance to the social economy.

How Chitrak Shah became a successful developer

Chitrak’s journey began way back in 1996 when his father set up the nascent real estate firm under the name of S N Developers. Mr. S N Shah used to operate in the stock markets but was perturbed by the volatility of the indices during the 1990s. He decided to move away from the stocks and found the appeal in the real estate business. After setting up his venture, he inducted his son Chitrak as a trainee in it. This was Chitrak’s first encounter with the sector and he invested his five years learning the core equations of this business. His refined understanding of the dynamics involved in the sector led him to learn the skill of strategic decision making which later on helped him a lot in taking very calculated decisions including the risk balancing. Chitrak also realized that the customers are much rallied by the value addition and therefore identified the architectural finesse and innovation as the component to depend upon for developing additional value. He was highly successful at this choice because it made his brand — Shivalik Group a market leader with high resonance!

Chitrak continues to move briskly!

Chitrak’s Shivalik Group offered its first project in the year 2000 as Shivalik Arcade in Ahmadabad and it became an instant hit! This was also the project that saw the experimentation by Chitrak in terms of functionality, architecture and innovation. With the project getting subscribed swiftly, he found inspiration to move forward and make the expansion. He identified Surat and Rajkot as the cities for spearheading new projects and came up with several offers in the succeeding years. He also ventured in the hospitality segment and opened chain of hotels under the banner of Platinum. His restaurants initiative — Qwiches also emerged as a successful venture and today operates 9 outlets in Gujarat.

His awards –

Chitrak Shah has been continuously touching new heights and therefore emerged as a noted figure in the real estate sector of India. He was therefore also awarded the prestigious Business Knight Award for his success potentials while The Economic Times conferred on his company Shivalik Group the Best Realty Brand in year 2015. Planman Media awarded him with the ‘Realty Lord of the Land’ in 2011–2012.