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Today we have launched our BETA version of the EvolutionDex API. Our idea is that developers and traders can gain useful information from this read-only API and integrate it with their dapps, bots or websites.

You can query the API with CURL or send a request using your favorite programming language.

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EOS Argentina is really excited to announce an ongoing cooperation with Bitfinex through which we provide code audit and suggestions for their decentralized exchange: eosfinex.

Bitfinex is well advanced in the launch of a state of the art sidechain that will serve as an on-chain exchange (DEX) on the EOSio platform. It is our belief that when released, this DEX will be the most advanced financial instrument on the blockchain ecosystem.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to mention that Bitfinex has made remarkable developments in adapting the EOSio software to achieve the fastest finality times seen in any…

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Back in 2016, before EOS and EOS Argentina, Matias Romeo (aka elmato) founded a social project to implement a complementary currency that ran on the Bitshares platform, this initiative was called Moneda PAR and it still lives on to this day.

The idea was simple but powerful: users could exchange goods and services through mutual loans that have 0% interest and this was all done in a blockchain public ledger, adding transparency and efficiency to the system.

The creation of this eco-system gives the members of Moneda PAR the opportunity to finance each other so that they can then acquire…

The dream of making it big in Crypto is becoming more and more popular everyday. This popularity has become increasingly significant in third world and developing countries, to the extent of even the Venezuelan Government is launchings its own “cryptocurrency”. It seems like nobody wants to miss the get-rich-quick crypto train, but we have got to ask ourselves: is living of crypto really as it easy as it seems?

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The great thing about cryptocurrency is that it has literally no entry barrier. Anyone can anonymously use, buy and trade coins and tokens. In one hand, this provides great freedom to…

So far I have been mining at home with a monthly consumption of less than 10 kWh, which is the maximum you have for residences here in Argentina. My plan is to expand this little operation to a medium size farm that uses containers as mobile units.

The idea is to use SMTs as a way to allow other steemians and crypto aficionados to participate in this exciting project.

There is a lot to be said and written about building a gpu farm, we are moving things slow so that we are sure to have all the angles covered, for now I leave you with our first promotional video, I hope you like it!

Originally published at on January 13, 2018.

I have spent most of the week reading articles about the possible impact of Bitcoin Futures, here is my take on the subject.

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First of all, we need to understand that once the CME Group, the CBOE and Nasdaq enter the bitcoin game, all traditional whales are going to be converted into small golden fishes. They will take Bitcoin Trading into a whole new level where institutional entities will enter the space.

There is also a lot of interest from big players for Bitcoin to fail, so one could expect that a lot of institutions will put big bucks into…

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The ICO craze has attracted a lot of attention from Startups (and scammers) that see the creation of their own tokens as a way to raise money. The proposal is simple:

You give the startup money and they will give you a token in return that will bring you some sort of benefit in the future.

There are more than 100 ICOs happening each week so it’s hard to keep up with all the projects and is even harder to see which ICO could be a scam or not, I am personally staying away from 99% of ICOs and that…

“Following the fix for the original multi-sig issue that had been exploited on 19th of July (function visibility), a new version of the Parity Wallet library contract was deployed on 20th of July. However that code still contained another issue — it was possible to turn the Parity Wallet library contract into a regular multi-sig wallet and become an owner of it by calling the initWalletfunction. It would seem that issue was triggered accidentally 6th Nov 2017 02:33:47 PM +UTC and subsequently a user suicided the library-turned-into-wallet, wiping out the library code which in turn rendered all multi-sig contracts unusable…

“During the month of November 2017, approximately 90 days after the activation of Segregated Witnesses in the Bitcoin blockchain, a block between 1MB and 2MB in size will be generated by Bitcoin miners in a move to increase network capacity. At this point it is expected that more than 90% of the computational capacity that secures the Bitcoin network will carry on mining on top of this large block. The upgrade to 2MB blocks has been agreed first during the Bitcoin Roundtable Consensus in Hong-Kong on February 2016, and then ratified by the Bitcoin Scaling Agreement in New York on…

A common believe amongst the crypto community is that mining cant be profitable because the difficulty will rise so fast that you will never reach ROI. As this may be true for ASIC mining, it is certainly not true for GPU mining.

The advantage of GPU mining is that you have a long list of coins that can be mined, their difficulty will vary depending on the market conditions. For example, you can switch your mining operation amongst these 4 coins and always mine the lowest difficulty coin:

  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • ZenCash

You also have to take into consideration…

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