Bitcoin Maximalists are confused AF right now.

A Bitcoin maximalist is that person that only supports and holds Bitcoins, they also tend to look down upon other cryptocurrencies.

The problem most Maximalists are facing now is encountering that their beloved Bitcoin is going to fork soon, by the looks of it Segwit2x will be implemented and they will be facing a tough decision: A) Support a version that is not to their liking; B) Sell all their coins for dirty FIAT or C) Move on to a different chain, an ALTCOIN!!

It’s mainly this dilemma that has them fighting over what protocol to implement. Us, the altcoiners, know that we can move to a different chain if we don’t like the outcome of this crazy Bitcoin fight over Segwit and big blocks.

I don’t believe that a group of people can control us, if Jihan and Roger succeed at pushing out the Core team and implement their protocol, we can always move to another chain and it doesn’t have to be a Bitcoin Core version either, it could be Litecoin, Steem, Ether, or we could even make our token if we wanted too.

We have everything we need to safely store value and scale accordingly. Of course, I want Bitcoin to succeed, as we have seen recently if Bitcoin goes down the drain, we all go down with it. But on the tech side we don’t have to marry one technology and assume it will always be the best, that is like having an Iphone and swearing never to move to Samsung or any other phone ever in your life!

If Bitcoin forks, it will be a shame but it wont be the end of crypto.. not by a long shot!

Originally published at on July 18, 2017.

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