Oย ! LORD (Prayer at Dawn)

O! Father dear father
What becomes of us
In this land of chaos and despair
for nature betrays us into our sepulcher

O! I know a church cold
And warm with jiggles of coins.
The devil visits it with rancorous disasters
Paychecks of no good to the heavens

O! Heavens
Joy mourns with gales of sadness
Peace fled with war drums and
the wicked sails on Innocents blood
O! Is Paradise Lost?

O! Hear
Will you hear?
Heaven's ears tend
O! where is paradise?

Dear Child! Hear
Fret not, thy father keeps
Amidst storms of life
to Faith cleave.

Joy delights without caution

Joy delights without caution
Then dearest soul thread not in shady paths.
In gentleness of heart, with kindness to others lift the spirit of sorrow.

Tales Untold

Anxiety and saddest sat to dine at my table
In silence, they waited for the dishing of the meal
Make no mistake, A invited S to my abode to wine and dine
Worry not, I brewed prayer for dessert
And supplication for the main course meal.

Drip drip drops
mindless thoughts
Into ripples of regret.
How do you forget,
Lofty Gain of extreme pain.

A case with conscience

So I am being questioned for what I did/didnโ€™t
This jury is out to find me guilty.

I sit before a judge whose name is Conscience.
When asked to narrate my offense;
I kept giving different versions.
Is this offense mine?
I remembered being guilt
But canโ€™t remember committing the crime


He that is in power
thinks he is God
until the grave humbles him
and the power slips away to another.

He who is passionate in wickedness
Is even More so In kindness
When he repents and finds Mercy.

Here and there

Here, I stand adrift a raft sailing into sorrowful dark.

There, all shame comes undone in front of a majestic light.

Here, ordeals fight me with all devilish armory.

There, I stoop to conquer amidst raging wars and pestilence.

Here, I am named mischief, devising evil as daily bread.

There, another took my place, my whopping, my scar and grave.

Here and there I no longer live.
Seed eternal begotten of the eternal.

Sanity Graph

Reasoning took
a nasty flop
On the heartless pathway to my birthland.
In this State, we dare not bask
Not until reasoning is pick up
To keep sane

Reasoning took
a draconian drop
On the blood-stained street of my neighborhood
In this state, we need a factory reset
To keep our society sane

Guardians of Sanity

Hovering close is the darkest cloud.
Before and behind it, is some Archangels ridding on chariots of fire in pursuit of shadows after sanity.

Sweet Rain

I know I shouldn't
but I catch myself drawn to these thick clouds
It will rain cat and dog but what am I to do โ€“ I am called out

I put on my clothes and off I went
Few minutes out I met a heavy downpour
I was soaked to my marrow and my bones rattled with cold.
The thunder spoke with lighting

It rained words
The heavens opened their mouth
And rained answers held up for ages
I am glad I came under this rain
Sweet rain

Chiugo Presh Igwegbe-Odum

#Nursepoet ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š

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