Post it, Sketch it, Make it — Application 2

User Research — Katie Derthick

Although Katie didn’t provide specific detail on her research project, her speech fascinated me in another aspect. She showed us the picture of her house, which was filled with post-it. Post-its were all over her walls and even on her desk. Katie said that post-it, the common methods used in HCDE ideation, helped her keep track of her thoughts. She could easily know what’s the next step since she put all her thoughts in front of her working space. I was astonished about the effectiveness of a stack of post-it. I thought it was just a way to generate ideas in brainstorming stage. I never thought that post-its can help connecting all the ideas and turn out as a mindmap.

After listening to her suggestions, I think I should take more advantange of using post-its. I could use them as a way to organize my thoughts in the sprint.They can give me a clearer picture of what I should present in my sprint and note down my ideas of the sprint. It would definitely help me keep track of my ideas and help me do better in the sprints.

Ideation — Jake Fleisher

Jake’s work in Blink is what I truly want to pursue in the near future. His sketching technique really fascinated me! He showed us a few pictures of his sketches, which was also a method to present his mind flow. The product line of what he wanted to present to the manager was so clear and visualized that the manager could easily understand his thoughts. Although he also mentioned the significance of post-it, Jake put more emphasis on “visualizing”. For instance, sketching is the fastest and most efficient way to visualize your thoughts.

After listening to Jake’s speech, I found sketches essential for HCDE. I consider myself not doing well on my previous sprints which required sketches. These sprint was my first contact with sketches, so they were messy and could not clearly present my thoughts. Jake revised his sketches for a few times, which I think I should also try doing it. In addition, I should put more efforts into practicing how to sketch. I believe the technique of sketching will help me organize and present my ideas to other in the future.

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