Education Variety

American educational system is so different from China. It encourages the variety at the first which responds to the variety in the society. Students have different interest and are majored differently. It’s an education cost highly and only American could afford. While China, more economically, shape students’ knowledge structure.

I partly agree with that a nation requires students to learn the same curriculum until college. The extent to which curriculum are the same influences my position to the recommendation. If it is that subjects with the same basic knowledge points, like what prevail currently in different provinces of China, and students enroll in the final entrance examination of college, the recommendation goes well. Yet if it were absolutely the same books and students would take a unified examination, the recommendation goes dull.

Students before college, although in different places, should have knowledge that must be known as the base to explore the more. Educational authority should outline these points and ensure they were taught in schools. Like in China, the ministry in Education makes subjects that must be learned are Chinese literature, maths, English, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology in high school and provinces make differences in books involving the same points and decide whether to add other subjects like musical, scripting and so on. Students in different provinces take the same entrance examination designed by the local and vary a little in districts. Colleges accept students in different mark lines. In this way, students with the same knowledge base on which they could choose majors they are interest in to develop.

The absolute same in books in a whole country is not recommended, which might facilitate the acceptance of college but at the same time would undermine the variety in students of different places with various economic and educational resources.

In conclusion, knowledge points which must be learned ensure the students at similar intellectual level and help to maintain a balance in knowledge structure. Based on which, students are free to develop their interests. While the absolute identity should not be recommended cause it definitely neglect the variety among students and districts, which could be cherished.

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