This is a copy of the newsletter that I just sent out to my email newsletter subscribers. It seems more like a blog post though…full of my usually rants…


Do you guys have inboxes full of automated emails from robots at big companies that count you like you are in a numbers game?

Well, this is not one of those emails. This one is actually being typed out by the sole owner of that one DIY sock company that is still out there. Never are you just a number to me, you are all goats! I won’t sell out to any hipster marketing or PR firms or set you up on an automated drip marketing campaign. Not only can I not afford to do that, but also, I hate getting that stuff in my inbox, so why would I spam you? That’s right, I won’t! But I will warn you, there might be 1–2 more emails in 2017 if I can carve out enough time. Heck, there might even be typos if you read closely enough.

Welcome to post “Black Friday” (Wal Mart’s favorite day of the year) “Cyber Monday” (invented by Amazon??) or the time to “shop small” (sponsored by American Express) or whatever corporate words you want to call the Christmas shopping season. Whatever it is that gets you shopping in this time of post Tom’s”I feel so good about my purchase purchases,” I will tell you flat out that your support of Chivaz gets you bomb socks and a direct contribution to the bottom line of keeping Chivaz Goatin through 2018!

Chivaz is literally in the black now, all bills have been paid (thanks for that loan Dad!) and all new purchases will go right towards either paying for my son’s school lunches or saved towards buying some new styles in the next fiscal year (I have no idea when my fiscal year is).

It is time to move to the future so you can remember that one time you supported the independent authentic company that made the most rad goat socks ever?? Or you can just live in the present and Get Goatin’ (tm):-) this fall/winter/holiday season. Chivaz is here for you and all the sock lovers in your world.

Believe it or, Chivaz was conceived more than 10 years ago (Chivaz TM 2006). While some things change (location, designs, attitudes), some things stay the same (quality, comfort, authenticity, best customers ever).

One thing that will never change is the way that I am able to talk with all of you. Thank you for the platform, the continued inflow of orders, pictures and feedback. Your support has kept me enthusiastic to keep this Goat Goatin’! I just want to say THANK YOU for your loyalty over the years. It is incredible that this thing is still going.

While 2017 has been sort of a “break” year for Chivaz, 2018 will surely bring new designs and never ending passion.

So, hey….thanks for reading. Just for that YOU get a coupon! And YOU get a coupon and yeah, YOU too!

30% off for all my loyal email subscribers (for orders over $30.00)


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