Top 10 Chivaz Wear Sock Designs for 2016

I haven’t come out with new socks since 2013. That will all be changing this year. With new motivation and a ton of new designs, Chivaz is poised to make a major step forward this year.

I have over 25 designs in templates ready to go and I wanted to the Chivaz Tribe to vote on them, but I just couldn’t find a good site to get people to vote on. If you know of one, please let me know!

That said, I decided I would go ahead and post up some of my favorite designs and allow people to comment on them. The chronological order that the socks will be released has not been finalized, so any real feedback you can leave on these designs is incredibly helpful!

To comment, you might have to have a Medium account, but you can get one of those for free and probably sign in with Twitter or FB credentials.

So without further ado…here are 10 of the designs getting the most buzz:


Got the sample of this one already, but I am not crazy about the gray color. So it will just be black and red. Spring/Summer 2016

Barbershop Strikes Back

Look familiar? Barbershop Strikes Back in 2016. Get ready for more stripes and plenty of size small!


The flag of Cascadia — Will either come with the tree or the goat — probably both…

Winnebagoat Yeller

Winnebagoat — Several of these outdoors socks will be available this year.

Winnebagoat Dirts

Here is another one. The white won’t be so white though

Half Stills

You want shorter socks? Here is a shorter sock for you!

Reverse Chuckles

Reverse Chuckles. Need I say more?


The city of Bend, just outside of Redmond offer everything you could want as a tourist: beer, mountains, river, shopping, music, t-shirts but no good socks?? Weird. Coming Spring/Summer 2016

Night Bendscape

Here is one of Bend at night…probably a winter design


Christmas comes but once a year. Good thing that these look good all year long.

Thanks for checking them out. Please let me know what you think. These designs are all copyrighted to Chivaz Wear LLC. Don’t steal my designs, I can’t get too creative all the time.

— Matt

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