Now or never.

We are all waiting on something — and when that something arrives, we’ll exhale, celebrate for 5 minutes and move on to the next thing we’re waiting on.

No matter how much experience we acquire in waiting on this, that, or the next… it’s still hard! We huff and puff. We talk our friends’ ears off about the same thing over and over causing them to be annoyed and ourselves to be frustrated, if not more frustrated than when we started the conversation.

Our issue with waiting and being content in the present moment we’re in doesn’t just start in adulthood. No, my friends, it starts as soon as we get some vocabulary! One of my beloved nephews is pretty committed to asking about his next meal as well as a recital of the plan for the day while he is in the midst of breakfast. It’s like 8:00am, sir and you’re like 4! True story. We can’t be mad. We’re just as guilty. When we’re through with bemoaning we are no closer to whatever we’re waiting on. I would know! I was a master at this.

Let me just tell you…. I’ve seen my handiwork up close and personal. I’ve experienced the catastrophic results of jumping ahead, thinking “I know better. I’ve got it.” — thinking I’ve arrived at peak wisdom. I’ve finally gotten the lesson or “frankly, I don’t need any help.”

It. Was. Not. Pretty.

I can list many instances where actively waiting well might have benefited me handsomely…. where it might have saved some pain, might have saved years and spared others in the process as well. Mess around out here and your love for “gotta-have-it-now”-ness will ruin even other people’s lives!

Let me insert a real, present example here: So I’ve re-entered the dating circus, I mean, circuit (right, pfff!) with some mingled hope and trepidation. I discuss some of the shenannery — (Tom foolery meets shenanigans = shenannery ;)) — yes, I discuss some of the shenannery I encounter with one of my besties. Love her. She (and several others) often respond, “What is taking him so long to make a move? Why haven’t you been out yet? I’d be done with him. Move on!” You get the picture. Now, it is true that some people are definitely out here wasting your time. Independent of that factor, I have to still pause and ask why things need to happen as fast as it takes to pop popcorn. I mean, we are talking about finding someone with whom we can do LIFE with, not for a moment, not a commercial, infomercial — L I F E. I’m kinda thinking that this particular project should take some considerable time to vet someone for the position of life partner. Now, to be clear, I am by no means suggesting you give a guy 6 months of your time while he still works on setting up date #1. Get that outta here, sir! I’m just positing that there’s some tremendous value in taking your time and checking out the view. I married a guy I dated for 8 months — we were 24 & 25. We didn’t make it. Some know each other for 2 weeks and manage to make 50 great years out of it. Not everyone’s story. I think we could stand to take a stroll is all I’m saying.

Alas, here we are with what I believe are some gorgeous pearls of wisdom, darling and we are waist-deep in the fine art of waiting. We are all holding a paintbrush so why not play along with the colors and create something beautiful while you’re at it?

No, I don’t have a “quick-fix”, “how-to”, “here-are-5-things-you-can-do” because I don’t think you really care about that. This might not be a “feel good” read on the subject for that matter. I’m sorry…. kinda.

Learn to let go, you’ll enjoy your life more when you do. You’ll be less stressed and it’ll show. Become more flexible — mentally, emotionally, physically could work, too but that’s not what I meant. Roll with life… I still get disappointed more than I’d like to, but I take what gems I can find from those experiences, I lick my wounds and go again. We like the cliché “live a little”. How about, live A LOT?!

When I learned to step back from what I thought I understood and wanted and took my hands off the control button and just got busy living, I just discovered what more there was to experience in this life. I take things and people as they come (and go). In these seasons of waiting I’m learning to trust more, especially myself and to just surrender.

The outcomes will come out. (That’s so gooooood!)

But if we try to fast track the lessons on this life journey, chances are we will make more blunders than necessary and wind up repeating lessons 1 thru 70 until we get it.

What we do while we wait determines how well we wait. You don’t have to ignore whatever it is you’re waiting on altogether, you can prepare for it. There is likely some work we aren’t paying attention to that could definitely use some of our focus, some skill that could use honing and perfecting. Even still, while you’re working, enjoy the season you’re in. I can promise you that whatever you’re having a temper tantrum about has its own set of challenges that promise to have you looking back at the place you used to be in (your present circumstances) wishing you were there instead of what you hoped for.

Broaden your perspective. Take several deep breaths. While you’re at it, please don’t hit the pause button on life thinking that if you stand completely still, whatever you’re waiting on is going to arrive any faster. Live. A lot.

Be cute will you’re at it. 😜

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