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This is what my mind feels like sometimes, too many things happening, lists are good

The following is a little checklist I’ve been keeping whilst working at IG.com as a UX designer, it’s a useful reminder for me whilst designing different aspect of the trading platform. Its certainly a piece of work-in-progress and feedbacks are most welcomed.

P.S. Unfortunately, importing the list into Medium have completely screwed up the formatting

Before we start — Do we have a clear objective in mind

  1. What do we want the users to do
  2. What don’t we want the users to do
  3. What data do we have to support the work
  4. What are the metrics we are looking for to track whether we meet desired behaviour
  5. What assumptions are we making?
  6. What assumptions are the stakeholders/business team…

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One of the early prototypes for UXstamps.com

I actually had the idea for UXstamps more than a year ago. I was in London at the time and shared the idea with a few mates, the response was “OK”, no excitement, no drama. Still, I went ahead and got a prototype done via Taobao.com. What came back was an rather ugly bulky 3d printed stamp, it kinda worked but was also hideous, the idea was left aside. Fast forward just 2 months ago, I mentioned the idea to a good friend and was encouraged to make the idea happen.

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So I ordered some prototyped, scaraficed on the size for cost and launched a website I was extremely unhappy about. I wouldn’t even allow myself to fire up a woocommerce site. The goal was to test demand and that was it. …

Or maybe I just haven’t found the app/service I have in mind yet…

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I’ve casually invested in stocks and shares for a number of years now, never anything big and only on companies I know. Like everyone else, I simply want my money to grow that little bit more.

I’ve used a handful of platforms so far, some HK based like HSBC and 8securities.com, some UK based like fool.co.uk and getbux.com. They all have their pros and cons, some of good prices but bad UI. The difficult thing about these trading platforms (same goes for crypto trading platforms) is the vast sea of information available, all the numbers, graphs showing trends and assortment of buttons can get confusing, especially for new users and those new to investment, the good news is unless the platform is really really awful the user would most likely be able to make the trade they want, that’s not the hard…


Chi-Wai Li

UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day. http://www.shapes.io

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