Port Harcourt To Silicon Valley
Samson Goddy

Mehn… This was too inspiring. On a new years eve. A perfect story to start the year.

I used to code a while back(while I was 13) but then I stopped at a time (around 2015, guess I was 16 then) because I was torn in-between too many passions(I still am now) and my fish-brain then saw no future as a developer.

Seeing Nigerians achieve great feats globally despite our limitations just inspires the hell outta me. I have to start working with these inspirations.

Last time it was Elvis Chidera’s story, now yours…

And I really love that you’re working towards a better tech community in Nigeria and Africa as well. More blessings and grace to dudes like you bruv.

Big ups to all of you bro. Keep going higher.

AHh… Too many words… Couldn’t help it…