Should I say,Poverty makes you creative?!

Have you ever watched Mr.Bean?

He always went for the low cost items and when things got too costly he would attempt to make them himself with bits and pieces lying around him.

I dont know how many of you have had this experience but we tend to force our brains to make things we want out of scratch, to be creative when we can’t or don’t want to pay for things we need but are not willing to give up either.

If you were one of those many parents who gives their child little money and make a fuss when they ask for more,you might have noticed that with time they stop making so many demands for extra money unless of course the causes are unavoidable. Instead you would notice that they always save bits and pieces of many things;pieces of paper, cardboard, finished pens etc.They, in an attempt to save the little moneythey are given, will make things out of scrap instead of paying for more convenient work material. This as a result will make them more creative as adults later in life.

If you have been brought up that way by your parents then you would know the pleasure of making things from scrath,the mirth that comes from watching bits and pieces of garabage turn into something beautiful. Where others see a crumpled beer can you would see something beautiful and the urge to carry it home , to transform it is sometimes irresistible.

Though you have plenty of money to spare,if you were brought up with a childhood where money was almost sacred, rare then you would feel even $1 is too much to pay for something that you could make withthe bits of colored paper and cardboard lying around your home.

Poverty is definitely not something to celebrate and not giving your children what they ask for always is not a very satisfying feeling BUT using yourself and your children the worth of money or being stuck in the position by some malicious fate sure teaches you a life skill-being creative and also a by product will be you not being a spendthrift. Unless of course you’re too lazy to pick up the glue bottle and work.