When I was younger I pondered the meaning of love,

I thought there was only one type, the kiss her and tell her I love you type of love.

Now that I’m older, I understand that there are different types of love;

That give up paying for a degree so she can go to the best high school type of love,

That live in a rented apartment so you can afford to pay your boy’s college love,

That take a loan on your business so she can go to grad school love,

That even when you fight, you still ask her if she’s hungry love,

That when you look into her eyes and all your worries melt type of love,

That cuddle and watch a silly sitcom and feel at peace type of love,

That corny, let’s hold hand type of love

That let’s start a family and grow old together type of love.

PS: This is my shallow attempt at writing poetry. Read at your peril. Oh I have no title. Title it as you please.

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