And we start over..

Being an adult is hard. Being an adult living in the west coast is harder. Standard of living is higher, rent is higher, mortgage is higher. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone really realizes we got a lot of people living on the streets because they can’t afford rent or a simple meal…

Anyways, I digress.

My husband and I are doing the adult thing and listing out all of our monthly and yearly finances to try to start cutting unnecessary spending and to save the maximum amount of money. Unfortunately, that meant cutting out my nifty little ghost blog that cost me $96 a year. It’s not expensive but enough of an unnecessary expense that we decided to cut it. :( *wompwomp*

I guess this is also a good start though as I have decided to redo myself. Since we’ve moved on to live in another state, I have also decided to pick up new skills, take up some hard core exercising and in general, put myself first for once. I’m hoping starting over is the best deal for me…to move forward.

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