Nerdgasm Vows…imported from Ghost

If I could, my wedding would have easily been a couple hundred people. Unfortunately, wedding’s cost $$$ and we don’t have a lot of $$$ so it was impossible (kinda hurt my feelings not to be able to invite everyone) to invite everyone I wanted.

However, I know I promised Catherine (I miss you) I would share this at some point so here it is! Feel free to read, cry, laugh or whatever it is that you do reaction wise.

We played BSG music (I think Passacaglia) for the entrance. So youtube that and play it. :p

Welcome friends and family. We are gathered here today to witness the alliance of Chris & Chi. Like proper nerds, we tried booking a battlestar to host us all but just weren’t able to in time. So here we are, offering our continuing friendship and love for the bride and the groom.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of what they have. Love doesn’t mean being inseparable, it means being separated and nothing changes. Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life. A word of advice: Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are. The BSG sacred scrolls tell us that all this has happened before, and all this will happen again. A successful marriage means falling in love many times with the same person. May you fall in love again, and again, and again.

I hope you fall in love with someone who always calls you back and never lets you fall asleep feeling unwanted. I hope you fall in love with someone who holds your hand during the scary parts of horror movies and burns cookies with you while you’re both too busy dancing around the kitchen. Someone who tickles you and makes you smile even on the hard days. But beyond that, I hope you fall in love with someone who will stand by you when you’re right and when you’re wrong. Someone who will never leave you behind or take you for granted. Someone who has seen you at your worst and yet still loves you. I hope you fall in love with someone who kisses you in the rain and hugs you when you’re cold. I hope you fall in love with someone who always wishes for the force to be with you, no matter how far, far away in the galaxy you are.

You decide every moment of every day, who you are and what you believe in. A marriage does not need promises, vows or conditions: just two wonderful people who can trust and understand each other. The bride and groom would now like to say a few personal words to each other.

Krailo: Chi, We all know I don’t words good sometimes, but I do know a good thing when I see it. You’ve been there for me through everything and you always have my back. I always said we’ll stay together as long as it works for us. I’m happy to report that it has. We help to maximize the best in each other. You make me better, I hope you’ll continue pressuring me to be my best. I love you, trust you, and want us to look forward to the great future ahead.

Chi: is crying because holy shit Krailo 
8 years ago today, I met up with this boy to watch Harold and Kumar at the movies. But I never thought that that one date would lead to today. I hope that we continue to go on date nights each time a Star Wars movie is released. And each time we move, watch all 4 seasons of Battlestar again in the first week. I look forward to us and our bearded dragons continuing on our adventure, even if you continue to tease them with cereal every morning. I promise to be fair, willing to try new things, laugh together, and encourage you to chase your dreams.

Rings/I Do’s: 
The ring, a circle, is one of nature’s simplest forms. Many good things are circular in shape, like a bowl of pho, macarons, and even bacon roses. When you wear your ring, don’t forget about the promise made on this day. Sometimes that promise won’t be easy. Sometimes it might require a few shots, several bowls of pho, and a lot of hard work. But like good port, the effort is worth it.

Please repeat after me…

With this ring, when the singularity comes, and we upload our minds, into a vast computer simulation, of near infinite complexity and perfect resolution, I’ll spend at least 1000 processing cycles a month, just sitting on a virtual couch with you, watching Battlestar Galactica for the 400th time, eating virtual pho, holding virtual hands, and wishing for the real thing.

It has taken 8 years to get these guys up here, dressed fancy, and on time (Krailo…). By the authority vested in me by the great state of Texas, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Live long and prosper. You may briefly make out with each other. So say we all. [Crowd says “so say we all.”]

We walked out to the Star Wars Throne Room song. Youtube it!

So I decided to write my own wedding ceremony because let’s face it, we’re not traditional, religious, weddingy or anything mushy like that. We wrote a ceremony based on us and it turns out, everyone loved it. :)

Don’t cry. Laugh. 
The bride.

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