Lauren Modery

Well-written article, but I would love to see a future article “Dear people who live in McMansions with 300 pairs of shoes” questioning the issues related with that lifestyle. How much do you spend on cleaning unused rooms? How do you figure out how/when to use the breakfast nook, kitchen, dining room, formal dining room, living room, sitting room, family room, formal room, entertainment room, media room, and all those other separate spaces with overlapping purposes? How many sets of couches and tables and TV’s do you need to populate those spaces? Do you spend 5 hours a week mowing your 3/4 acre yard, or spend $200 a month getting someone else to do it? How often do you need to hold garage sales to make space in your house for more stuff? Do you even know whether your spouse farts, since he/she spends all their time in another wing of the house?

Every lifestyle has its own pluses and minuses, and house sizes differ because peoples’ tastes, priorities, and means differ. Even the previous comments show that tiny houses weren’t the best solution for those who were even willing to try them. Unfortunately, people are often influenced by societal pressure (“well everyone has XYZ!”) and false arguments (“what do we do if we have two guests staying over at the same time?” — response: what do they do in Manhattan where only the top 1% can afford 2 guest bedrooms?), and the easy answer is usually just to get MORE. Whether or not that’s the best answer is not clear.

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