Globalization consulting services help companies to define, plan and execute their global strategies into foreign markets. Their consultants evaluate issues in this regard for their clients, come up with solutions, and offer technical strategy suggestions. For instance, the global consulting India services aid in global product name acceptance and regulatory compliance for product literature. Below given are the different types Globalization Consulting Services

Technical Writing Assessment for Global Audiences

Assessment of technical writing performs the following-

  • The relevance of the content for users’ needs is systematically assessed.
  • Topics and sentences are identified for reuse across documents by performing a content-reuse evaluation.
  • Style-guide compliance is monitored by using style-checking software.
  • Editors and writers are trained on the impact of their word choices on customer support and localization.

Global Corporate Branding Services

Global corporate branding services will assess your product name, supporting materials, products, and services within your target market to recognize potential cultural barriers which may hamper your success. Key elements like pronunciations, possible offensive connotations similarity to other words in the language spoken by the target group, and visual implications are taken into consideration.

International Regulatory Requirements Consulting

Regulatory requirements pertaining to elements like packaging, product labeling, MSDS, etc are taken care of under these services. These ensure growth and success in the international markets.

Cultural Relevancy

Since cultures are diverse, making informed decisions is important while targeting specific markets. The cultural relevancy consulting services provide clients with detailed marketing plans and suggestions. These are based on their research and analysis of cultural heritage, linguistic and ethnicity of the specific target audiences.

Linguistic Validation

Global consulting India offers linguistic validation services, which make sure that the translated document is conceptually equivalent to the original. This makes the document reliable and valid.

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural awareness training educates companies, and prepares them to follow apt procedure during interpersonal interactions with different cultures pertaining to the target markets.