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As for so many, the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing hit like a punch in the gut.

My wife, son and I were curled up under blankets on the couch for movie night — we were tired but feeling optimistic because we are starting to get some routine around school. …

And we have been speaking out this whole time — has anyone been listening?

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The author’s son in DC.

Parents are still not ok.

Back in April, when just a month felt like a year, I wrote that The Parents are Not All Right. I heard from thousands of families expressing near unanimity of this experience — the impossibility of being full time employees and full time teachers/caregivers/playmates/parents.

It was both validating — assuring my own guilty conscience that I wasn’t somehow failing at the task but that the task was in fact impossible. …

Even in the most privileged households, the pandemic is exposing the farce of how society treats families

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Photo courtesy of the author

“I just want to cry,” I told my wife on Friday morning.

I had just gotten off a work call and my brain was ticking through follow-up items, adding to a long list of untouched to-dos. …


Chloe I. Cooney

Advocate & writer. Focused on feminist movement building, global health and human rights. Parent 24/7. Views are my own. Twitter: @chloeicooney

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