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To Sultana:

The conversation deviated from the initial conversation, and I was responding to someone else who was disputing the fact that instuitional racism even exists. I also stated that I did not believe the Professor was necessarily racist, just extremely clueless. But since you seem to be ever so EAGER to spit out statistics as though you are the singular authroity on racism in America I’ll like to contribute to your “apparent” vast wealth of knowledge. You also communicate your ideas so condescendingly and arrogantly, which takes away from your message and it is quite a turn off. As a “supposed” Professor, you may want to look into the way you deliver your message.

There is a plethora of data that indicates there is major racism in the criminal justice system, from profiling, to arrest rates to conviction rates, need I go on ? You are selectively choosing your statistics to support your biased agenda. But here’s an excerpt from an article on state judges and courts, since you think they only constitute the criminal justice system.

“State courts handle more than 95 percent of America’s court cases, and they continue to be run primarily by white male judges. A recent report on racial and gender diversity from the American Constitution Society found that white men comprise 58 percent of state court judges, even though they make up less than one-third of the population. Less than one-third of state judges are women, and only 20 percent are people of color. Meanwhile, Latinos constitute 17 percent of the U.S. population, African Americans 12 percent, and Asians and other people of color 8 percent. Women of color comprise nearly one-fifth of the overall population but only 8 percent of state judges.”-

Don't worry, there is much more, i’ve linked the article below.

Here’s some additional data for you to peruse at your pleasure.

( The actual UN report)

Dont forget to watch Ava Duvernay’s “13th” and Raul Peck’s “I’m not your Negro”. Both insightful documentaries, which could add to your “vast wealth of knowledge”.

BTW your Russian strawman blah blah blah argument conversation is lame *yawn*. I dont have the energy or inclination to get into it, and i suspect it would not make a difference with someone like you, madam logical know-it-all. I could go on and on with statistics and studies that support my position. Anyone with a modicum of common sense will acknowledge that instituitional racism is very much apart of the American society. Dont bother to respond, because this dialogue is fruitless and beginning to bore me.

Bye Girl!