I bought a Vaute “Jess” snow coat in May. Here’s why:

I’m obsessed with Chef Chloe’s Instagram, and I’m admitting it. The vegan chef and animal lover has had an extremely profound impact on my life since I learned of her in 2012, the year I went vegan. She is highly respected globally as a pioneering public figure in the modern vegan movement, and I personally and professionally respect her as one of the top influencers in the vegan lifestyle and business community.

My mother’s Mother’s Day gift this year from me, was all three of Chef Chloe’s vegan cookbooks. Because Chloe is so super talented and I couldn’t pick just one!

Now I have something really awesome to look forward to during family time: bonding with my mom and my son over vegan cooking from the chef who happens to share the same name as me, and has influenced my career and my life.

So, why did I buy a snow coat in May? Because Chloe is the perfect model for this coat! I bought the same exact “Jess” coat, same beautiful apricot colour. I’m praying that Leanne and her indie fashion company Vaute create a “Chloe” snow coat for the Winter 2017/2018 season. These two empowered vegan innovators are doing some of the most incredible and inspiring work for the global animal rights and activism community by helping to make the vegan lifestyle more approachable, loving, and mainstream.

My goals as a vegan restaurant professional and blogger inspired by these two pioneers, is to support all-vegan businesses to the fullest extent. This means that my resources, earned in vegan business, goes to all-vegan businesses first. When I leave the house on most days, my entire outfit is often loving and supportive vegan messagewear. This means I don’t wear anything that is confrontational, as I have a community to serve in a respectful, approachable, and professional way. I thank Vaute and the brilliance of Leanne for creating a vegan and ethical wardrobe for everyone.

I’m extremely sad that Vaute ready-to-wear capsule collections will be going away for a while. But I’m so grateful that Leanne and Chef Chloe have helped to influence my style in a genuinely meaningful way.

There is a loving, supportive, professional, and approachable way to spread the vegan message, and these two entrepreneurs are living proof of that.