I’m saying he didn’t do it.

What is it with these brain dead Trump supporters? If Trump really was a businessman instead of a Bernie Madoff lite scam artist and was a CEO or being interviewed for the job by a Board of Directors his career would be toast. When these deniers keep saying that nothing happened because a woman claimed it happened 20 years ago and waited until now to come forward so it must be all lying opportunism I have comments for them. The first is it is very tough to come forward if you have been raped because the rapist’s lawyer gets to humiliate you in court with the possibility that they won’t even be convicted of their sexual assault. Instead they will get to smirk and make public comments like justice was done with this successful defense against these scurrilous charges. Their lawyer may even suggest the rapist will now sue the victim for defaming their good name in the community. Next if you are dealing with rich perverts like Trump they never seem to go anywhere without their lawyers who all seem to have graduated from the Roy Cohn School of Law. So proving you’ve been assaulted by this serial adulterer becomes difficult because Trump can spend a fortune to make sure he can slither away for another groping session. Finally, Trump has many stories of assaulted women in his past because besides all of the aforementioned details when you do have a solid case against the bastard he has the disposable income to pay the women off until they would sooner take the money and just sign the accompanying non disclosure agreement so they can get away from this lecher and move on with their life. These agreements should be illegal and abolished because they are signed under duress with the express intent of protecting lowlifes from their actions. So the women try to forget their nightmarish encounter with Trump instead of going to court and convicting this man so he would finally become a registered sex offender. Please don’t give me more asinine rebuttals like Clinton did it, or JFK did it, or it was just alpha male locker room talk. All faulty defenses that amount to nothing more than a red herring defense. Trump supporters might not be very observant, but everyone else who knows this snake knows his character through and through.

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