3 reasons to work remotely

I’m a pretty independent worker, I’ve always been more about getting things done than putting in the hours. I hated sitting at my desk, like everyone else in the office, watching the clock tick past 5pm before I could grab my things & head home. So, when I applied for my previous job, I was beyond excited-the entire team worked remotely! There was no office, no headquarters, in fact everyone in the team was spread across the country.

Now, having started my own business — I have taken this experience & have implemented a remote work policy here at SoBakeable. Here’s why:

1) Happiness

I read an article just yesterday about a company that enforces a 4 day work week & allows their team to work from anywhere. Why? To make them happy! With expenses rising, it’s almost impossible for both parents not to remain active in the workforce. The 4 day work week & the flexible hours of remote work, give parents time to spend with their children & gives others time to do things they love, like exercise, read or bake — giving you extra time for yourself. There is no problem with you spending a week in Hawaii laying poolside or on safari in a game reserve in Africa, so long as your work is getting done.

Me working remotely from Madikwe Game Reserve in Nov 2016.

You are much more likely to be loyal to a company that truly cares about your happiness. You’ll be grateful for the opportunity & put in the work needed to contribute to the success of the company.

2) Increased efficiency & productivity

So long as you’re in a space that works for you, whether it be at home, a coffee shop or the library — you’ll be more productive than in an office. There’s no gossiping in the kitchen, listening to the constant sound of desk phones ringing or being faced with other office distractions. Instead of spending hours commuting to & from work — those hours are now yours to do what you like with — head to the gym, tidy the house or catch up with a friend for coffee or just get started on work!

When you’re working remotely, hours worked are much less important than tasks done. It’s important to stay in high communication with others in your remote office to let them know what you’re working on & what you were able to accomplish during the day. You’ll find yourself becoming much more productive & efficient because you can no longer rely on 9am-5pm face time in the office. To prove you ‘showed up’ to work, you must have something to show for your day.

3) There are so many online tools to help

With so many online tools available, almost every office is connected outside of the physical office. While some things have to do be done in person — in our case, packaging & shipment of product — most other tasks can be done from anywhere! Almost all of our systems can be accessed online, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere with only your laptop & internet access. When we’re communicating with our team — we’re chatting on slack, when we’re in meetings with suppliers & partners — we’re on a conference call & when we’re working collaboratively — we’re on GoogleDrive.

While, working remotely is great for happiness & productivity, it is also great for team morale to spend some time together in person too. This need not even be to work, but again to improve your team’s happiness & productivity. Real human interaction helps your team collaborate more naturally — it cannot be replaced by any online tool & because you don’t get to see each other often, when you do, you’ll be excited for it!

We do our best to keep our team happy — happy people are productive people.

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