Airport Hacks for 2016

Your holiday is supposed to be your time to relax, take a load off and forget about all of life’s little worries, but often a holiday starts with a large helping of stress as you tackle the dreaded airport. Unfortunately if you are travelling far for your holiday it is likely to be book-ended by trips through these “delightful” places. If the airport can’t be avoided then it is worth trying make the experience as simple, quick and stress-free as possible. Here are some simple hacks to keep your stress levels down just before you go up in altitude.

Remember where you have parked— Take a photo

Although you may not want to think about it right at the start of your holiday, but you will be coming back, and when you do get back you may well be tired after a long flight. If you are leaving your car in the long stay car park while you are away it can be very easy to forget where you left it. To avoid starting the first day after your holiday searching for your car; take a photograph of the bay number, row number and the level you have parked on. Then when you return, simply refer to your photos to find your car without any aimless wandering. If you would prefer to not have to deal with the logistics of parking, and all the costs, why not get a coach? Often coaches will pick you up right outside the arrivals terminal and have space for all your luggage too. An airport transfer ticket is usually very affordable too!

Protect your gadgets — Take a selfie

While you are stretching your photographic muscles it’s time to take some selfies. Just in case, you do misplace one of your gadgets at the airport or when you arrive at your hotel take a selfie beforehand and save it on your phone, laptop and tablet in a file only one know how to access. This way if your gadget is handed in you will be able to prove it’s yours right away.

Know your allowance and weigh your bags at home

How many times have you seen someone arrive at the airport with multiple bags all ready to burst? Only to spot them at check in later having to leave half their stuff behind. Baggage allowance varies depending on your airline and class of ticket. Make sure you know your allowance and weigh your bags at home. It is often worth leaving a bit of space, especially if you plan to buy some souvenirs while you are away.

Make your luggage easy to spot

When you step off your flight at the start of your holiday you are faced with the wait for you luggage to come slowly by on the baggage claim belt. Although you may not have any control over when your bags will appear you can make sure they are easy to spot. Suitcases and overnight bags all look surprisingly similar so make yours stand out. Use a bright luggage belt, add some stickers or sew on badges and always make sure your name tags are attached and up to date.

Keep your clothes fresh

Stuffed into a suitcase for hours, your clothes may not always smell the best when you finally open your bag. To avoid that musty smell, pack your bag with a tumble dryer sheet to keep your clothes smelling like they have just been washed.

Stay Hydrated
 Staying hydrated is always important, and is even more so when you are flying. The cabin pressure and the dry air can leave you feeling very dehydrated. Since the regulations restricting liquids in hand luggage came into place it has become difficult to make sure you are getting enough water, especially with the tiny cups they give you on the flight. Travel with an empty drinks bottle that you can fill up once you have been through security. This way you will stay hydrated and avoid blowing your spending money on bottled water.

Pre-Order toiletries and Baby Milk

The same regulations that make it hard to keep hydrated can cause just as much bother when it comes to taking toiletries and baby milk onto your flight. If you are travelling through a large airport you can order your toiletries and baby milk in advance and pick it up at the airport pharmacy after you have been through security

Stick to the left

Often a queue is unavoidable at airport security. To minimise the time you have to spend in it make sure you have everything to hand and ready to go and then head to the left. The majority of people are right-handed and will subconsciously veer to the right. Head left and save yourself extra time in a boring line.

Check in online

Finally, perhaps the most obvious time saver, take advantage of the ability to check in online before you arrive at the airport. Most airlines allow you to do this up to 24 hours before your flight. Then when you arrive at the airport all you need to do is check your baggage and make your way to the security line… Just remember to veer left.