How to Hack Your Furby Connect- A Beginner’s Guide

Me n’ my Furb 💝
More of a visual learner? Don’t worry- there’s a video version! 🎬
Ok, to be fair, most of the lyrics are “Nano”… BUT STILL.
This is available on Amazon for $75 right now lolol.
Me rn, writing this article after having tea and taking my Adderall.
I was not joking.
My Polly Pocket set that sold on eBay for $300
The bunny one on their site is pretty great, too.

OK! Let’s get started.

Step 1: Install fluffd & fluffd-client

Step 2: Open fluffd

node fluffd.js
open fluffd-client/index.html

Step 3: Make Furby Do Things

Step 4: Explore the Documentation

Step 5: Choose Your Own Adventure

Happy Furby-ing!

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