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“This could be us, but you’re alive”

When it comes to simple solutions to sprucing up an FAQ page, chatbots are one of my favorite solutions. Whether you run a small business and are a one-person customer support team, you find your customer support team fielding the same questions about your hours and location, or even if you’re wanting to share knowledge, chatbots are a fantastic way to delegate frequently asked questions. I’ve written about it before, but I’ll say it again: creating a chatbot to answer FAQs using Azure tools is not only easy to build, but even easier to integrate with tools like Twilio.

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Imagine all the support tickets you’ll avoid answering! 📬

I met Brendan Eliason at a Microsoft Reactor event a couple months ago. Brendan is a student at Holberton School, which is a software-engineering school that trains full-stack software engineers in 2 years or less. I’ve worked with many Holberton School students in the past, ranging from former principals like Elaine Yeung to former horticulturists like Robert Malmstein. One of my favorite parts of working with Holberton students (and bootcampers/non-traditional background folks in general) is bringing in their “previous life” expertise into their engineering projects. So, when Brendan mentioned that he spent his “previous life” in the wine industry, I was thrilled to collaborate on a fun chatbot involving wine & chatbots. It was the perfect pairing if you will…


Chloe Condon

Musical theatre actress turned developer evangelist.

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