Sunday mornings

Don’t you just love mornings? It’s no alarm Sunday and you slowly begin to awake. You appreciate the feeling of nothing on your mind for the first few seconds. You feel distant from the earth, patiently waiting for your body to return after being in dream mode.

Within the first few seconds it doesn’t feel real that there is anyone else in this world. You are the only one awake and you forget your problems for a while.

Slowly you move to grab your phone from the charger to see if anyone has contacted you while you were deep in the broccoli forests teaching English to a walrus. Then tick tock the mind is back to racing 100 miles an hour. Surprise. You need to go here, do this, clean this, go to work, call Grandma and suddenly its back to the joys of what we call life.

It’s strange, the whole concept of life. We wake up just to go back to sleep 14 hours later. We have so many hours in our life to achieve greatness yet most of us never do. Isn’t that what life is about? You can’t tell me the meaning of our life is to make it out alive? To happily go through life with no aspirations and no hope to better the world around you? It simply does not make sense.

For whatever reason we are here, I can tell you for sure that it’s not just to float through life to avoiding dying.

How funny though, imagine if the operations behind life are laughing at us thinking “look at all these humans thinking there is a reason for living.”

To tell you the truth my view on life is simple. Just to get through helping as many people as i can, to be as happy as i can and to eat as many burritos as i can. How can you lose if that’s what you believe in? Everyone has different theories on why we exist but the important thing is to define your own way of living. You will be happiness if you customize the way YOU live because trust me, trying to live like other people is life’s biggest lie.

Think of yourself as a vistitor in this life because in reality thats all we are. We are visitors that have the ability to make a better future for the next people that come into this world.

You don’t have to change the world but just try and change the world for a few people and you have done more than enough.