Module 2: Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians

Improving educational outcomes for all young Australians is central to the nation’s social and economic success and will position young people to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.

Young Australians are therefore placed at the centre of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals.

The Purpose of the Declaration:

The Purpose of the declaration is to “identify the key issues within the role of education in Australia; by analysing the current status it allows growth to build a democratic, equitable and just society, that is cohesive and culturally diverse.”

The declarations main focus is to build students to become successful learners, that are confident, creative, inclusive and well informed and who acknowledge Australia’s indigenous cultures as a key part of the nation’s history. The catalyst for this change is through creating an equitable and just society for the parent, child and teacher, to enable students to perform to their best ability.

Goals for the Declaration:

Melbourne Declaration Goals

The importance for Teachers to be aware of the Melbourne declaration:

The teachers and leaders who work in Australia’s schools and educate young people are of fundamental importance to achieving these educational goals for young Australians. Therefore, it is important for teachers to know the content as they have the capacity to transform the lives of students by inspiring and nurturing their development as learners, individuals and citizens. Through the Melbourne Declaration, teachers are able to understand that they are the main source of encouragement, advice and support for students outside the home. This allows them to shape their teaching strategies around the ways different students learn and can therefore recognise the unique talents of every student.


Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals For Young Australians.

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