A Day in the Life at Boston University

A roller-skater speeds down the sidewalk on Commonwealth Avenue. Attached to his helmet is a tinted visor to block the strong rays of sun that are currently beating down. Four men in hard hats take a break from their work and relocate to a bench in the shade.

There is a constant flow of traffic- cars, trains, bikers, and people on foot. It is clear that those who cross the street due so with caution due not only to the car traffic, but also to the train tracks in the middle of the avenue. FedEx and UPS trucks illegally park in order to drop off boxes to their buyers.

The surrounding wildlife is thriving. Grass is a bright shade of green, flowers are vibrant, and trees blow along with the subtle breeze. Birds are singing, butterflies flutter around, and bees search for nectar. It is a beautiful summer day, but hot enough that many people are seeking shade under awnings or large trees.

At the science and engineering building students and professors enter and leave the building. Unfortunately, but now at days expected, a high number of them are completely invested in their cell phones, either listening to music with their headphones in, or not taking their eyes off of the illuminating screens. Others seated at outdoor tables on their laptops. A woman is waiting to cross the street while pushing her baby in a stroller, but constantly glancing down at her cell phone and not paying too much attention to her surroundings.

Despite the pleasant looking buildings and vibrant plant life, construction plays a big role in the scene here. Sawdust fills the construction sight. The sounds of jackhammers and drills drown out the chirping birds. The scent of cigarette smoke lingers. Each car is emitting a visible cloud of gasoline into the air.