How To Not Control Your Interview

We talked in class about asking good questions and not so good questions. I think that when we are trying to frame our questions and research around our topics we come up with questions that we think will give the best answers, but in reality we don’t know exactly how the person will choose to answer the question. One of my interviews I had to do over email, because there wasn’t time to meet in person, I asked a question that I expected a really deep and meaningful response to, and I got a simple “no.” Even through email I almost felt stupid for asking the question, and I’m sure I would have felt even dumber in person.

Luckily the other people that I interviewed tried to go into detail with their answers, even if I could tell they didn’t really have a lengthy answer. I plan on using the techniques that I’ve accumulated doing this research for an interview that I have to do for another class.

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