Critical question: analysis of two reports


Case 1: stop interfering in in Hong Kong affairs, Beijing warns European Union (26/4/2016, South China Morning Post)


Literal meaning: get in the way of something to stop it from developing smoothly

Association: an action with strong effects

Measurement: negative, strong, active


Literal meaning: to admonish or exhort for an action or a conduct

Association: the authority (China)

Measurement: negative, strong, active

Analysis of the whole report:

A rather complete story is told about the vanishing of the five booksellers of Causeway Bay selling publication critical of the Chinese Communist Party. Such description (choice of words: publication critical of the Chinese Communist Party) is comparatively minor, suggesting that the five booksellers are thought to be innocent. Both the stance of the two party, EU and Beijing (Chinese authority) are included clearly with rationales. EU warns Beijing that such incidence to be ‘the most serious challenge’ to the Chinese governing principle and would undermine Hong Kong’s standing as an international business centre so it urged Beijing to restore trust of city’s residence and the international community towards ‘one country, two systems’ policy. For Beijing, it is stated in the report that Beijing called on the European Union to stop intervening in Hong Kong affairs and emphasised that the ‘one country, two systems’ policy had been implemented effectively with Hong Kong’s residents’ rights and freedom being entirely protected since 1997. The views from both Hong Kong government and Democratic Party lawmaker James To Kun Sun are both included at the same time, with the former agreeing Beijing’s stance while the latter saying the remark made by EU is neutral. The views from diverse parties are incorporated which shows that this report is rather informative but not supporting any parties. Also, neutral wordings are chosen to describe the whole matter and the views of shareholders with no extra personal comments or emotion expressed whiling reporting.

Case 2: Beijing tells European Union to back off from internal affairs over booksellers


Literal meaning: to inform or command someone

Association: a plain statement

Measurement: positive, weak, active

Back off

Literal meaning: to withdraw from something

Association: hostility expressed towards the interfering party

Measurement: negative, strong, active

Analysis of the whole report:

Throughout the whole report, strong words like ‘stay out of’, ‘damage’, ‘urge’ etc are used, which reveals the fact that Beijing viewed the EU remark as offensive and expressed an negativity towards the matter. Both stance from EU and the Beijing authority are included, yet without mentioning the views from Hong Kong parties. Also, the words ‘banned politically themed books’ already neutrally suggested a rather comparatively strong potential reason for the vanishing of the five booksellers.