5 Ideas To Create A Memorable Event

Make your event stand out by creating interesting and unique experiences for your community. Below are some ideas — with a range of budgets — to build buzz at your next event.

  1. Use video to capture engaging content

Many event organisers hire film production crews to create promo reels or record presentations to share after the event.

Though with the popularity of FB Live many event hosts are leveraging the low cost option of live streaming their meetups and workshops via their phones. It’s a great way to capture content from your event and engage with an audience who can’t attend on the day.

If you have some budget to play with, another idea is to crowd source video from your attendees with platforms such as Seenit a collaboration tool to connect community through video.

Check out the reel from NewCo London below.

NewCo London event created by Seenit

2. Create interactive experiences for your audience

Another way to make your event stand out is creating interactive ways for your audiences to get involved during Q&A.

For some attendees, they may have a burning question to ask your speakers or panel but feel intimated to ask in front of a large crowd. Platforms such as Sildo and Glisser can help encourage attendees send in their questions or answer a poll and feel apart of the experience.

If you want take audience interaction to the next level, then try Catchbox, a throwable mic that can be passed around the crowd.

3. Share storyboard visuals of speaker presentations

Inviting inspiring presenters to share their story and experience with your audience is the best way to provide valuable content for your community. A creative way to distil their message is to hire a visual drawer who can capture the key elements of their presentation. For example, Natalia Talkowska of Natalka Design speed draws the speakers on stage and creates a visual storyboard of the event.

Natalka Design Innovation Stories 2017

Not only can the storyboard be used as a snapshot of the key themes of the event, it’s also a great visual to promote on your website and social media channels.

4. Make it easier for attendees to connect

Events are about people and connecting your community, so they can make new business relationships and meet like-minded folk.

Smart conference badges such as the ones made by Blendology are a new way to connect attendees and create a memorable experience for your audience.

With just one tap, attendees are instantly connected and have shared their contact details without the need of having to rummage through a bag of business cards at the end of day.

Blendology smart name badges

5. Spark their imagination with the latest tech gadgets

Ball pits and photo booths have been done before. Bring big ideas to life via the latest tech gadgets and devices. Companies such as Wonder.Tech offer a service where anyone can hire out the latest tech kits and gets hands on with drones, robots and VR experiences.

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