Event Review: Future Of Tech: Startups & Corporates & Attitude & Authenticity Talk

Last week I attended two very different events — the first being Startups & Corporates, a panel on corporate innovation hosted at the newly opened Work.Life in partnership with Verizon in Clerkenwell. The second event, Attitude & Authenticity, was an inspiring talk on how to be mindful and carve the path you want to live now.

Event 1: How can corporates and startups work together?

The Future Of Tech: Startups & Corporates panel brought together leaders in corporate innovation to share their insights on how brands can collaborate with startups and leverage emerging technology.

Chaired by Rob Dembitz Global Head of Innovation at Cannes Lions, the panel included Andy Bates, CTO of Public Sector at Verizon EMEA; Anthony Beilin, Head of Innovation & Start-up Engagement at Aviva plc, Nicole Yershon, Founder of Innovation People: “Lab For Hire”; Tia Castagno, Global Head of Innovation at Vizeum Global.

It was an interesting discussion leaving plenty of food for thought on how corporates can work with startups and drive innovation across the company.

From right to left: Rob, Tia, Andy, Nicole & Anthony.

Innovation teams are the key connectors

Nicole Yershon spoke about her experience running Ogilvy Labs and that innovators within a company are the key facilitators when bringing other senior teams onboard for innovation projects. Their role is to build strong relationships inside and outside of the business, so her advice for startups is to be able to pitch their solution so anyone can understand it, and help her translate the value to other stakeholders without any tech jargon.

Make sure business priorities match

In her role at Vizeum, Tia Castagno is often matching startups with big brands and ensuring that both sides are strategically ready for any potential collaborations. For startups pitching to large corporates, Tia made a great point about working with people who know the corporate inside and out and leaning on their expertise of the business, to help speed up the process and make sure that business priorities match from day one.

Corporates can offer more than money

For Andy Bates, CTO of Public Sector at Verizon EMEA, he works with startups and SMEs, from early stage business to medium-sized companies who are ready to take the next step and accelerate their business. He raised an interesting point on how corporates can provide more than just investment and access to customers. When entrepreneurs pitch to him, he asks that the founders come with three reasons of why they want to work with Verizon that don’t include money. The key is build a mutually business relationship since corporates can also provide mentorship and an inside track into the wider network.

The future of business is a collaborative network

Anthony Beilin spoke about his experience at Aviva and how the company is embracing an open and collaborative mindset across the business. After launching the Digital Garage in Shoreditch in 2014, almost 300+ staff are now hot desking and working alongside a different members of the team every day. This type open working environment creates a catalyst for change and helps drive awareness of new companies which may be interesting to work with in the future.

For further reading about how innovation is changing our future then check out Steve Blank’s latest blog below.

Event 2: Are you cultivating a mindset and attitude to set yourself up for success?

During this session Leila Singh, an executive coach and author of Success Redefined: How to Leverage Your Natural Talents to Become Limitless, shared her personal story of how she switched career and created the life she wanted by simply changing her mindset and living a truly authentic life.

The event was supported by Advancing Women group, a community of 100 men and women across the Blenheim Charlot group who are dedicated to gender equality.

The invisible barriers on the road to success

Most people want to make a big change in their life (change job, lose weight, start a new business) but struggle to make these goals a reality. For example, many people make new year’s resolutions yet give up by February.

Leila shed light on some of the key areas that may stop people making a change, whether they feel stuck or not sure how to take the first step towards changing their attitude in life.

What’s holding you back?

Your mind is muscle and it needs to be exercised

To have emotional intelligence, you need to work at it. Just like when you go to the gym. Lelia said that our thoughts are the strongest influence when moving forward with plans and that we are usually disempowering ourselves with negative thoughts.

We all have choices — we just need to make mindful choices.

What are you communicating to the world

Be aware how you ‘choose’ to show up and build your confidence by ‘acting as if’ you already are. Lelia suggested following the 55/38/7 rule for communicating effectively.

Communication is 55% Body Language, 38% Tonality, and only 7% words.

Watch this great talk by Amy Cuddy on how body languages defines how you are perceived by your friends, family, partners, coworkers and strangers.

Insightful talk by Amy Cuddy

What’s on your Radar 🎯 for the week ahead?

I’ll be attending SEO / Content Marketing Masterclass run by the folks at Outreach Digital on Tuesday and the following evening Business Insight Dinner learning about the future of collaborative workspaces plus next weekend I’m at Silicon Milkroundabout Job Fair.

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Working on Radar App — Save Events For Later | Marketing at @EditorEye | Passionate about intersection of business, technology and innovation.

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Chloe Nicholls

Chloe Nicholls

Working on Radar App — Save Events For Later | Marketing at @EditorEye | Passionate about intersection of business, technology and innovation.

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