Rapid Popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity in U.S.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not a new miracle in the field of medical science. It is popular enough since years outside U.S. It is said to be capable of treating a number of health issues most effectively. People often surprise to see the fact that U.S., the most advanced country in the world is strict to give a green signal to the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT while others countries have appreciated it earlier. Well, though the treatment has given a lot of evidence of being effective, Food and Drug Administration or FDA has taken the time to investigate all the aspects of the treatment in order to save the citizens of U.S. from any unwanted health related complications. It is good that finally, FDA has approved 13 indications that can be treated by HBOT.

A Brief account of HBOT:

Due to certain complications, sometimes, our body needs additional oxygen supply or suffers for oxygen deprivations. In such cases, we need artificial oxygen supply immediately. HBOT is a particular treatment that can incorporate additional oxygen into the blood cells. The use of HBOT has started almost 350 years ago. I t has been said that the first hyperbaric chamber manufacturer was a British clergyman and physician Henshaw. He built it in the year 1662. Since 1662, HBOT has gone through a lot of experimentations and controversies.

Use of HBOT within the U.S.

With the advancement of time, we are witnessing the fact that HBOT is rapidly evolving as an effective treatment of a wide array of health issues and disorders in the U.S. These issues include air/gas embolism, traumatic ischemia, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation, diabetic foot ulcers, unnatural blood loss such as anemia, decompression sickness, gas gangrene, necrotizing infections, skin grafts, wound healing and many more.

Apart from these, there are several diseases that can be treated by HBOT, as it is revealed by a number of studies. Though there is ample evidence that HBOT can be beneficial for these complications, FDA is yet to approve the use of HBOT for these issues. Such issues include AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, Bell’s palsy, brain injury, cerebral palsy (including stroke), depression, heart disease, hepatitis, migraine, Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, sport’s injury and much more.

Benefits of HBOT:

It is known to all that oxygen is required for the production of cellular energy in the mitochondria of each cell in the human body. HBOT provides 100 percent pure oxygen in a high-pressure atmosphere. This function of HBOT has multiple benefits. The hyperbaric chamber contains pure oxygen administered at pressures 1.5–3 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber:

The hyperbaric chamber manufacturers usually build two kinds of chambers, single and multiplace chamber. In a single chamber, only one patient can be treated. In multiplace chambers, more than one patient can be treated at the same time. In such a chamber, patients can breathe 100 percent oxygen through a mask. The chamber should be pressurized about 6 atm of pressure. If the patient needs a different mixture of gas like nitrogen or helium, it can be provided to that particular patient with the help of a mask. The hyperbaric chamber manufacturer makes the chambers in such a way that is both scientific and beneficial to the health of the patients.

The patients are required to be enclosed within an oxygen chamber, the hyperbaric chamber manufacturer can keep in the mind the safety issues at the time of making the plan of a chamber. At the same time, the patients should also be careful. Generally, cigarette lighters, hairpieces, hearing aids, synthetic clothing, hair spray, hard contact lenses should not be taken into the chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is emerging as a vital treatment in U.S. The main reason behind this growing popularity is, of course, the approval from FDA. At the same time, the people are witnessing that a lot of patients are getting positive results from this treatment. With this, the demand of hyperbaric chamber is also increasing. Many people assume that HBOT would very costly and hence, out of their reach. But in reality, the cost of HBOT is not that much.

Final words:

The present scenario indicates that more people will embrace hyperbaric oxygen therapy in near future. The popularity will be doubled if FDA approves the indications that are still not confirmed. HBOT is beneficial. Perhaps, these two are the main reasons for the growing popularity of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A hyperbaric chamber manufacturer is also benefitted for the growing popularity of HBOT.