Why does LeBron James Admire OxyHealth Chambers?

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Basketball lovers might be curious to know how does LeBron Raymone James manage to keep his performance outstanding most of the time. He has two Olympic gold medals, three NBA Championships, the NBA Rookie award, four NBA best player awards, and an NBA scoring title in his possession. As per the latest buzz, OxyHealth chambers are his key to fitness.

Usually, NBA players are given one day of rest between the matches. Do you know what our basketball king does during these breaks? LeBron dedicates these breaks to OxyHealth chambers for recovery. This man has 42 double-doubles out of which twenty-three came on his way after a day of rest this season. Moreover, his career stat is indicating that nine of his thirteen triple-doubles came after the one day of rest as well. LeBron prefers to relax in an OxyHealth chamber holding a book of his choice (like “The Godfather” ) before his eyes.

How does it Work?

How does a hyperbaric chamber do the magic? When we breathe in air (sea level, in most of the cases), we inhale oxygen that travels from our lungs down into the bloodstream and our cells absorb the oxygen. Cells can absorb only 25% oxygen, running through our blood. Our cells contain organelles (known as mitochondria) that create ATP. Even a kid also knows that ATP is the purest form of energy. In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the chamber forces the oxygen into our bloodstream, lungs, and cells. This activity increases the absorption rates within the cells. Naturally, it supplies more oxygen to mitochondria and thereby, enhances the production of energy. When a player is boosted with energy, it is natural that the coming match will be in his/her favor. LeBron is greatly reaping this benefit of hyperbaric chamber. His performance is reflecting the level of his energy and fitness.

Lebron is not the Only Athlete Who Uses Hyperbaric Chambers

OxyHealth chambers are greatly inspiring the superstar athletes. In fact, the world famous tennis player, Novak Djokovic has appreciated hyperbaric oxygen therapy in an interview. Since the U.S. Open, Djokovic started to use hyperbaric chamber to improve his fitness. Even the rising players are getting prone to hyperbaric treatment. What are you thinking? Take a chance and go for OxyHealth chambers.

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