How to be successful? On this very painful topic there are a lot of posts and books. But people don’t stop writing more and more and each time they have something to add. Each contributes its own contribution, based on its own experience. The same rule for different people works differently, each has his own point of view and the angle at which he looks at the rule. Stephen King is one of the greatest writers who so clearly articulates his thoughts that the picture comes to life of itself and, reading his book, you seem to watch a movie. I think that his interpretation is really worth a look.

In his book On Writing, Stephen King talks about his work, how to become a professional in his business. And these tips are applicable not only to writing books. Many of them are universal.

1. Do what you love
I would paraphrase this as “love your work”, because during a crisis, any work is already good. But in this phrase the writer has invested something more than just a positive attitude towards his work:

For me, rather work is when I do nothing. When I write — I rest, for me it’s a game …

This rule is found everywhere, but it is the hardest to follow. That is, while your work does not become a rest for you, you need to move on. If you realize this, of course. Let me remind you that most of us work 5–6, and sometimes 7 days a week and if the work turns into hard labor, then life will be hard, hard labor.

2. Practice, practice, practice
In order to achieve success, you need to practice a lot in what you do. I think that our standard “learn, learn, learn”, which drove us into the head, is not always useful.

The theory is good, but practice is basic! And if you like the very process of work, then a lot of practice will only give you more pleasure and bring more fruitful results.

3. Be serious
Only if you are serious about work and results, you will be able to achieve success. Some people who like their work, treat her like a hobby. As a result, it remains a hobby, not yielding serious results. But success is achieved only by those who approach the issue of work seriously.

4. Ignore the skeptics
If you write, someone will definitely try to make you feel like a loser, that’s all.

Skeptics have always been an integral part of life, this is a fact. There will always be a person who will blow your idea to pieces. It’s useless to prove such people. Therefore, instead of spraying your precious energy onto them, just ignore it.

5. Get support
Everyone needs someone who will believe in the success of the matter and will support it. When there is someone near who believes in you more than you do, you will definitely succeed.

6. Live your work
Do you want to become an ace in your work? Fill your life with what you are doing.

7. Be consistent
I like to write 10 pages a day, each approximately 2,000 words. Only under extreme circumstances I can afford to turn off the computer before I write 2,000 words.

A good rule that suits any job. Set yourself a rule to perform no less than a certain amount every day.

8. Study the work of others
Studying how your colleagues work and especially people who have succeeded in your industry, you take advantage of their positive experience. This can also be attributed to “learn from the mistakes of others.”

9. Study the market
In addition to studying the work of colleagues in the shop, you must also be aware of the events and innovations that occur in the area of ??your work. Buy magazines, subscribe to RSS thematic publications. Keep your hand on the pulse.

10. Look for new ideas
Your work does not lie in the search itself. It’s more important to recognize them when they appear right in front of you. Keep your eyes wide open, and your mind open to everything new.

11. Save the Dynamics
Once I started working on the project. I did not stop and did not slow down the pace until it was possible.

If you rephrase a little, then if you “caught the wave” — don’t stop until you finish the work! It will be done in one breath. Here it is important to remember that if you stop, you risk losing the topic and again it will be difficult to enter that state again.

12. Write your first draft as soon as possible
… I load directly onto the paper what is in my head. I write as fast as I can …

Don’t try to be perfect in your work immediately. Just sketch out at least a rough outline of your work and then finalize it.

13. Get rid of unnecessary details
And this point exactly follows after 12. That is, the draft version is ready, supplemented and turned into a clean one. But here it is necessary to revise everything once again and get rid of unnecessary details that only overload the project (book, presentation, building).

14. Become your own first customer
I’m not only the creator of short stories, but I’m also the first reader.

When you are the author of any work done, it is very difficult to look at it from a different angle, the angle of the buyer. But this is very important, because then you will be able to notice mistakes and fix them before they reach the real customer. Self-criticism is pretty good, the main thing is to know the framework.

15. Work not for the sake of money
Darling, do you work for money? The answer is no. Not now, and never worked … I never wrote a single word on paper with the thought of the money that I will get for it.

Money is a bad motivation. They make you ignore the voice of the heart and you can live someone else’s life instead of your own.

16. Do work with pleasure
If you do your work with pleasure, it will not only help you to go through a difficult path to success, but will fill the life itself.

17. Do this to enrich yourself and others
Writing is not a way to make a lot of money or become famous … It’s about enriching the lives of those who read your work, as well as enriching your own life.

If you live a life that enriches (spiritually, of course) the lives of those around you, then you live a great life.