How to overcome the fear of failure?

From time to time we all experience such a feeling as fear. There is nothing to be ashamed of; it is absolutely natural for human beings. However sometimes fear can affect your life: you lose sleep, worry too much, become easily irritated… Let’s try to figure out what can be done to lower the level of fear. Is it possible to overcome it completely?

As a person grows up many factors influence the formation of fear that stays with you through your adult life. They mainly are connected to your significant relationships: it might be constant complaints from parents, mockery from peers or something else of that kind. Under the influence of fear a person’s thoughts are only negative: “I don’t have a chance, I’m a loser, I’ll never be able to achieve my goals.” We become afraid of possible failures. You get used to postponing meetings, because the fear makes us nervous. As a result, the plans are not fulfilled, the goals are not achieved.

How to overcome the fear of failure?

1. Learn to listen to yourself. Analyze your thoughts and find out what exactly provokes your fear and what the realistic scenario in a given situation is;

2. Keep in mind that everyone can be wrong. We all make mistakes sometimes. Think of them not as a failure, but as an accumulation of experience;

3. Write down your achievements and positive results every day. Analyze the size and speed of progressive changes in order to develop your self-perception as a person who is able to solve problems of various kinds and complexity;

4. All people started somewhere. Do not be afraid to try something new to achieve the goal. Use your skills, apply knowledge and update them;

5. Start with accomplishing small tasks. Plan and establish conditions for achieving meaningful results. Step by step it will get easier to achieve bigger goals.

Analyzing the fear of failure allows you to identify the primary cause of it. Self-development will lead to a decrease of anxiety and strengthen confidence of your capabilities. The fear we don’t face becomes our limit. In fact, it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears from time to time. By doing so you widen your comfort zone and get used to doing all kinds of activities. It might be scary to perform on stage, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you get.