Learning Disabled, Or just how we read today

Since the first grade when teachers began teaching you how to read I struggled. I struggled because I couldn't sounds out words, or piece together words, I struggled because I couldn't focus on what I was reading, and I struggled because I was dyslexic. Being Dyslexic has lead to me really struggle with reading and writing and there is no real cure. I also struggled because I have ADHD. When reading, I can’t follow whats happening in the story because I end up spacing out even if I am interested in the story line. Although I struggle with reading books, I also struggle with reading things online. However based on recent studies it turns out that others are having a hard time reading via books now.

Over the years I found ways to get better at reading, although I still struggle a great deal with reading its gotten a lot better. Ive realized that the issue of staying focused will never change. I just need to be aware that I am spacing out and try very hard to focus, whether that ends up working or not.

In the lab done in class I found that when I originally read for ten minutes in the class room, without being able to touch my phone I did have a easy time reading without distraction except for the fact that I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, and because it was a group chat it was constantly buzzing and I found it very distracting. If I wasn't instructed to not touch my phone I would have definitely taken out my phone and then proceeded to look at my phone checking instagram, facebook and snapchat for another ten minutes. However because I was forced to read I could sit and read for the whole time. When I tried reading again for 20 minutes I had a much harder time. I wasn't sure if it was the time of day or the fact that I was on the train which normally leads to me sleeping, but I could not stay forcused. Because I was on the train I could not use the distraction of a phone but I still found myself falling asleep or looking up at the people around me. Even though the book I was reading was interesting to me I could not get through it. The problem with reading is that I cant dhesphyfer wether or not everyone is having a harder time reading because of online sources and the media/cellphones being a constant distraction or if it is just my learning disablilities.

The Book I was reading in both instances

When I tried reading an online article I found that I had the same exact issue. Reading online articles were even harder for me to get through because I kept wanting to open a new tab and go to Facebook. However when I read my partners multi modal essay I had a much easier time reading it. I think it was because of a few different reasons. One was because I was really interested in her topic. I also was forced to read her one specific essay where as when I was on medium.com I would start reading one article, and realize I wasn't interested in it so I would exit the page and look for a new article. I find this to be a large issue with reading articles online, its very easy to click out of the page and find somethign more interesting and not feel guilty about it. However when you are reading a book there is a sense of guilt for not being able to complete a book.

I also enjoyed Giulias essay, because when your reading something that is mulitmodal you get more out of it then just reading something. Although I struggle greatly with reading, I am a huge visual learner. I love watching videos and listening to audio. So for me reading Giulias essay meant getting to watch videos as well as images that were appealing to me and allowed me to follow the story better. The only downside to this was that I found myself jumping ahead to watch the videos instead of sitting and reading through the whole thing originally, but that also has to do with me not being able to sit down and read something because of my ADHD.

For me, when I hear that people are having a harder time sitting down and reading books It easy to resinate with them. However I’ve always had a hard time reading, online and via books. Its nice to know i’m not alone and that now people are phasing the same struggles I do. That being said, I don’t just struggle with reading because I find that the electronics in my life are distracting, but because my brain physically makes it harder for me to read. This trend of reading being harder for people now has always been something i’ve struggled with.